200,000 Year Old Ancient Civilization From Africa

Ancient Civilizations

A long lost and forgotten ancient civilization that once lived in Southern Africa has blown the lid of modern thinking. The possible 200,000-year-old culture may hold the key to unlocking the truth behind the Ancient Alien theory.

Ruins of the African culture were actually discovered just over 10 years ago, but are yet to be disclosed on a wide scale to the general public. It is believed these ancient people could be the Anunnaki of ancient Mesopotamia tales.

The Anunnaki is the named given to the Gods of the Mesopotamian era, however, as Ancient Alien theorists argue they were actually living and breathing extraterrestrial beings.

Tales of our ancient past speak of non-earthly entities coming to our planet. The stories of our origins from ancient Babylonian and Sumer texts state that these otherworldly creatures came to Earth to mine for raw materials – in particular, gold. After many, many years of hard work, they grew tired. They revolted to continue the work, and so to fix the problem they genetically manufactured a slave race – homo sapiens.

However, for much of recorded history, there was no evidence to suggest these sacred codices told factual events, until now!


Is this lost ancient civilization the Anunnaki? Image credit: Enki speaks.

Most people would class the Mesopotamia culture as the oldest known human civilization. But new evidence shows there was a far older civilization.

The mainstream view is that all people can trace their ancestorial heritage back to Africa. And that is exactly where we find this ancient civilization.

Ancient Africa

The ancient culture discovered in South Africa does not just predate all other ancient cultures by a couple of hundred years, or by a few thousand. Estimated place it between 160,000 – 200,000-years-old!

On top of this astonishing discovery, there is evidence to link this lost culture to the Anunnaki.

Ancient African Civilization

200,000-year-old Ancient African Civilization that may have been the Annunaki.

Many sites of the ruins from these ancient people suggest they were miners of gold! Is it just a coincidence that the Mesopotamian’s spoke of an older civilization being on the planet before them? A people that mined gold. If this discovery has been made and points to the truth, could it also be true that they were aliens?

Michael Tellinger and Johan Heine were the men responsible for bringing this discovery to the forefront of peoples minds. Upon confirming the find of an ancient lost African civilization, Mr. Tellinger said:

These discoveries are so staggering that they will not be easily digested by the mainstream historical and archaeological fraternity, as we have already experienced. It will require a complete paradigm shift in how we view our human history.

There are indications that this culture spent a vast amount of their time digging for raw materials such as gold.

You can even see certain ruins of the ancient and possible extraterrestrial civilization on Google Earth.

Ancient Alien Theory

Our own alien news researcher and writer Mike Halsall is currently writing a book on the cover-up of extraterrestrial life called “You can’t spell ‘alien’ without ‘a lie’“. He states that discoveries like this are a step in the right direction to prove the ancient alien theory to be true, but also insists it will be a long and grueling road before it is accepted as mainstream thinking.

The idea that gods were aliens is a topic touched upon in my book, however, with the foundations of religion firmly in place for many years it will take a long time to break this mindset.

Giorgio Tsoukalos

Giorgio Tsoukalos often appears on the Ancient Aliens TV series on the History Channel. Image credited to Metro.

Zecharia Sitchin and Giorgio Tsoukalos are two key figureheads in the pursuit of truth. They have examined a countless number of objects and stories to get a clear understanding of the true meaning behind ancient astronauts.

Recent Alien News

Extraterrestrials visited our planet thousands of years ago, and may still be observing us to this very day.

Discoveries like the Ancient African culture help us fully understand our own history. After all, how can we move forward and evolve as a species when we don’t know the truth behind our own past.

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