Airline Pilot’s Recent UFO Sightings

Recent UFO Sightings

Airline pilots from the United States had a UFO encounter during a routine flight. The incident soon turned productive after communication with the unknown flying object was established.

UFO news reports that the pilots of the aircraft used their front lights to flash at the UFO. To their surprise, the mysterious object flashed back in response!

Recent UFO sightings

Recent UFO sightings by airline pilots. The image was sourced from Ufoholic.

The bizarre event took place on December 26th, 2017, by the Atlantic Coast of the United States of America. Whilst flying along the coastline close to Atlantic City, NJ, the two pilots of the commercial airline spotted something at their 1 o’clock position.

The object, which is currently unknown, appeared to have mass and be able to move at a fast speed. The pilots were able to confirm that the UFO sighting was not a natural object such as a planet. Both pilots have adequate mile time under their belts and are fully aware of what they may be expecting to see while on a flight. However, this was something the experienced pair were not expecting.

The two pilots, who have renamed anomalous, reported their recent UFO sighting to the National UFO Reporting Center (NUFORC). The information they provided seems to suggest that there was some kind of intelligent life form on board the craft.

Originally starting at their 1 o’clock position, the UFO sightings they reported moved to across the sky quickly. They stated to NUFORC how the object was able to move from the North to the South in an extremely quick time.

Pilots UFO Sightings

After noting the unidentified object at a variety of locations in the sky it then disappeared.

The airline craft was traveling at 600 mph, so for the UFO to be moving around the airspace as reported by the two officials, it must have been flying at a greater speed.

UFO Airline Pilot India

Flash of light spotted by an airline pilot. Sourced.

It is not unknown for UFO sightings to record incredibly fast speeds. But, what does make this UFO encounter stand out is the communication between both crafts.

The commercial airline pilots noticed the UFO was omitting flashing lights. So, intrigued by what he was seeing the copilot interacted with the object by flashing the airplane lights in a sequence. To both of the pilots surprise the flying object started to flashback!

Although the captain stated the entire incident last for around 10 minutes, he does not believe the flashes from the UFO were a response.

“I felt the return flashes were probably coincidental, but possible. The flashing didn’t really appear to have any pattern.”

The object they witnessed was already flashing its lights, this is why the captain does not feel the flashes afterward were a response to their own initial attempts to communicate.


UFO News Reports

The credibility of the airline pilots makes this recent UFO sighting stand out from the rest. Pilots are well attuned to the movements of natural objects in the sky (planets, the moon, etc), and so are aware of what is normal and what isn’t.

By using a variety of their own instruments, pilots are able to calculate an objects speed and distance from them – whether it be another human aircraft or alien UFO.

Recent UFO News

The UFO phenomena have been collecting a lot of indisputable evidence of late. Although there is no proof to make statements that these are indeed alien crafts, there is proof to show that unidentified flying objects are very real.

UFO sightings

Pentagon gives details on UFO encounter between US jets and unknown object.

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