Alien Conspiracy Theorist Sues NASA For The Truth

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Are aliens real? An alien conspiracy theorist wants to take NASA to court. NASA news to unveil the truth behind alien life.

NASA might go to court after an alien conspiracy theorist made claims he will sue the U.S space agency for denying the truth about ETs.

In shocking alien news development, it has been claimed that NASA is to be taken to court to reveal the truth about the existence of extraterrestrial beings.

Scott C Waring plans to take the U.S space agency to court. In a bid to discover the truth, and release to the world not only that aliens exist, but that the governing bodies of our planet know of their existence and help cover it up.

Waring is a well-known UFO conspiracy theorist in the alien news world. He believes the knowledge of extraterrestrial life needs to be made public.

He and many other alien truth seekers believe that a human-alien embargo was set in motion shortly after the Roswell UFO incident in 1947. The deal behind the embargo was for all government officials to never reveal the truth that aliens are real. As they fear it would cause widespread panic and disaster to major religions and laws.

Are aliens real

Are aliens real? Did the U.S make a treaty with alien life after the Roswell 1947 incident? Image credit: UFO Logia Originais


Are aliens real

Are aliens real? Many people think aliens are real, but Mr. Waring aims to have a definitive answer come from NASA.

He firmly believes that the space agency are at the center of some of the biggest UFO and alien cover ups in human history.

The conspiracy theorist who runs his own website wrote this:

“I am really close to using this site to go to court (public VS NASA) in an international fight to see if I can force NASA into announcing the truth (about aliens) to the world.

“Apparently the US Government knows this.”

Currently there has not been any initial movement to take NASA to court. However, if this were to be the way forward, it would be one of the most historical legal cases to ever be heard.

So far, NASA has denied having any proof if aliens are real or not. But has stated that if such alien evidence existed that it would happily share it with the world.


Alien News 2017

In more recent alien news, it was shockingly discovered that an alien bacteria life form was found on the International Space Station.

This recent piece of alien proof could be the key to unlocking the truth if aliens are real or fake. The recent find is currently being examined for further investigation and may be the way to understanding how life from another planet can evolve.

alien life

Alien life discovered on the side of the International Space Station. Image credit: YouTube.

It has also been claimed that NASA and governments from around the world are aware of the existence of extraterrestrials. But decide to keep the truth from the general public in fear that it will cause wide spread panic and anarchy.

But, could this new proof of alien life be the way forward to underlining the truth that we are not alone in the universe?


As NASA face the possibility of being taken to court to disclose everything they have on alien life, they have also made a shocking discovery about Mars.

A team of NASA scientists recently found that the planet was once capable of sustaining an extraterrestrial form of life.

Aliens Mars

Alien life on Mars could have thrived with evidence in new NASA photos.

They go on to say that the Red plant could even be the “possible cradle of life” in our galaxy.

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