Alien Life On Mars NASA Photos To Prove It

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Extraterrestrial life on Mars in NASA photos. Alien photos from NASA-Mars mission. Alien proof from NASA news rover photos.

New photographs from the NASA Mars rover missions have sparked controversy as many believe there is definitive evidence of extraterrestrial life on the Red Planet.

Aliens Mars

Alien life on Mars could have thrived with evidence in new NASA photos. Image credit: Daily Star.

Many say that the newly released NASA photos from the Mars missions depict ‘sphere-like’ objects that are very similar to cannonballs. These images have then lead people to come to the conclusion that an ancient race of extraterrestrials once lived on the neighboring planet but was wiped out by war.

Could the below video and images be proof of extraterrestrial life on Mars?

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Extraterrestrial life on Mars

Are aliens real and are they on Mars? For centuries many people have believed that the fourth planet from the sun had or has alien life – however, no definitive proof of extraterrestrial beings has ever been found says NASA.


NASA’s Curiosity Rover is currently on the Red planet and is transmitting images back to Earth. Over the past couple of years, many photos of Mars have come back that some believe is factual evidence that Mars was once home to an alien race – or still is. But is there any proof of an extraterrestrial life on Mars?

On the other hand, the US space agency confirms that they have not found any form of life on the barren planet.

Many alien theorists have said over the years that Mars was once home to an ancient alien civilization that destroyed itself with war – it is quite possible that humans will soon follow the same fate.

The new found ‘cannonball-like object’ has only fueled speculation that Martian life was obliterated with a nuclear blast of some sort that destroyed the planets atmosphere, making it impossible to inhabit.

cannonball Mars

Mars cannonball hits the latest alien news stories. Image taken from above YouTube video.

As you can see from the image above (if you haven’t already watched the video) there is a spherical ball in the top left hand corner that appears out of place in comparison to the rest of the rocks. Is is possible that this almost seemingly perfect round object was formed naturally over a long period of time, or is it manufactured?

Given that formations like this do not happen regularly, we have to say that the chances of it being natural are very unlikely. On the other hand, unless material testing is carried out we will not know for sure if this is naturally made or manufactured.



NASA recently made a discovery about Mars and said that the planet could be the origin of life as we know it.

NASA Mars alien discovery

NASA make groundbreaking discovery which could prove life originated from Mars.

A month or so ago, a team of NASA scientists discovered a volcano that was once submerged under a sea of water millions of years previously. They even made a statement to say that this key find could show that Mars is “possibly the cradle of life.

They say that the find is so important because when it was active around 3.7 billion years ago, the constant flow of hot air underneath the ocean made it an ideal place for life to evolve.

However, they stopped short  at confirming the existence of an extraterrestrial form of life and merely suggested that a basic life form may have evolved around the same time life was evolving on our Earth.

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Alien Sightings on the Moon

Recent alien photos have emerged online that some indicate to the proof of alien life on the moon.

The images were taken by a Chinese spacecraft and have spread like wildfire, fueling the alien conspiracy that there is an extraterrestrial form of life living on the moon.

Watch the below video for more details on the alleged aliens on the moon.



Do you believe this is a genuine alien on the moon?

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