Alien Abduction | 1980 unsolved UFO mystery to be revisited

Alien abduction

An alien abduction case of a 1980 unsolved UFO mystery is to be revisited. Granger Taylor disappeared after alleged contact with aliens.

Taylor, a skilled mechanic who managed to build his own replica UFO in the backyard of his parent’s house vanished in 1980 after claiming he had made contact with extraterrestrial life. Now, in 2018, experts are once again going to look at the unsolved alien abduction case.

Granger Taylor went missing from his parents home in Duncan, Vancouver Island, Canada at the age of 32 in 1980, and his disappearance still remains an extremely strange missing persons case to date.

But, it seems that a filmmaker will take a closer look at the case. The director is eager to make a documentary about the life of Mr. Taylor.

Stacey Jenkins, the filmmaker from Alibi Entertainment, says that Taylor’s farewell letter, two wills, and home-made UFO are evidence that there is more than meets the eye on this case.

Granger Taylor UFO

Granger Taylor alien abduction UFO case.

She went onto say that his extraordinary mind led him to believe that aliens were contacting him and that they would also come to take him away one day.

Currently, the documentary is only in its research stages but is expected to complete by the end of 2018.

Ms. Jenkins insists that she and her team will treat the case with the utmost care and sensitivity.

We’re trying to show an interesting kind of a Canadian, a genius, that we believe other Canadians would want to know about,” she said.

Granger TaylorUFO

Granger Taylor constructed his own UFO. The image was sourced from

Granger Taylor

Taylor’s most iconic mechanical creation was his homemade UFO shelter. Inside he placed furniture, a TV and even cooking utilities.

However, things took a more sinister route when he claimed that extraterrestrial beings had been making contact with him, promising that he will be victim to an alien abduction.

After his disappearance, police could not find any trace of Granger.

Many alien news conspiracy theorists retell this tale as undisputed evidence of alien abduction and proof of extraterrestrial life.

On the other hand, 5 years after his disappearance, two pieces of bone – alleged to be from Granger Taylor – were found in a dynamite site on Mount Prevost.

Official reports state that the bones are human. But officials have not released anything more to state that they actually belonged to Granger Taylor.


UFO Alien Abduction

Recently a man went missing from a ski-resort for six days and wound up 3,000 miles away with no memory of how he got there.

Constantinos “Danny” Filippidis mysteriously turned up in California, a destination that is roughly 3,000 miles away from the ski-resort in which his friends and family said he went missing!

Mr. Filippidis attended the Whiteface Mountain ski-resort, near New York, on Wednesday, when his friends said that he vanished.

alien abduction

Male skier abducted by aliens turns up 3,000 miles away in California.

The man from Toronto was in the area with his firefighter colleagues. They said that he went missing just as the resort was ready to close, but they could not find him anywhere.

The father-of-two had mysteriously vanished, with his identification and car still at the lodge he was staying at.

His disappearance led to a search that entailed hundreds of volunteers, helicopters and search dogs. But, he was not found – with his family and friends now fearing the worst.

More alien news.

However, he miraculously turned up 6 days later in California confused at how he had got there. His ski-gear was still intact.

The married man had good health.  Witnesses discovered him as he made a phone call to his wife – who urged him to speak with the police.

The bizarre circumstances as to how Mr. Filippidis wound up in this state have led many alien activists to believe he is another number in the alien abduction cases.

Many alien abduction stories have been around for a long time, but this is one of the most recent ones to make such a ripple in the media.

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