Alien Bodies Found in Peru 2017

Aliens bodies found in Peru. Five small humanoid bodies could prove the existence of aliens on earth being alive thousands of years ago in the South American country. This could end up to be the biggest alien news stories to sweep through humanity.

However, scientists have demanded an urgent probe into the five alien mummies found in the South American country of Peru. Many people believe them to be the bodies of dead aliens on earth

This breaking alien news has angered a large portion of the science community as they believe an alien hoax has been carried out. Many scientists theorize that actual ancient human remains, including those of babies, have been put together to give them an extraterrestrial look.

See the image below for a closer look at an alleged alien body found within Peru.

Aliens on earth in Peru

Aliens news of the possible proof about aliens on earth in Peru. Image credit: Daily Express

Skeptics question the factuality of the alien bodies found in Peru. They do not believe the legitimacy of true extraterrestrial corpses. Clearly further extensive research must be taken in order to figure out if this alien body is real or not.

Aliens on earth

A research team that was being filmed by, a paranormal website, claim to have found mummified alien remains that are said to be around 1,700 years old. If true, this would well link in with the Ancient Aliens theory. A theory that there were aliens on earth and they visited our planet thousands of years ago and help mold human civilization.

Carbon-dating of the mummified alien body samples put them between 245 – 410 AD. But these results have not been independently tested.

Alien bodies found

Watch the video below about the alien bodies found in Peru of 2017.


Nothing is definitive yet, but either way, we will have an interesting alien news story to tell. Either this is the most elaborate and gruesome alien hoax story ever created. Or we have real evidence to the Ancient Alien theory!

Are aliens real or not

A lot of people are leaning towards another alien hoax. And if so, this could be one of the biggest frauds to hit the alien conspiracy theory since the Roswell alien autopsy of 1995. However, Mexican Ufologist and Journalist Jamie Maussan, who was part of the research team, believes they are real aliens and that they appear more reptilian than humanoid.

In response to the research teams findings the World Congress on Mummy Studies, who held the ninth conference in Lima, Peru, last August, issued an urgent examination into the supposed alien findings. This is to determine if they are real, or if someone has committed a crime.

Each year the World Congress on Mummy Studies (WCMS) brings together experts from around the world in mummies and skeletons in different locations.

World Congress on Mummy Studies

The 9th World Congress on Mummy Studies 2016 Peru


The WCMS put out the heading “The Fraud of Extraterrestrial Mummies“. In an attempt to uncover the truth as they believe real human remains have been tampered with to put together alien-looking beings.

A Facebook post from them said: “In the last few months, the alleged discovery of ‘extraterrestrial mummies’ in our country has been publicized through an irresponsible, organized disinformation campaign.

“Testimonies and published images on this case, allow asserting that these findings correspond undoubtedly to pre-Columbian human remains. Cultural patrimony of the nation – maliciously manipulated and even mutilated to obtain an ‘ad hoc’ appearance for commercial exploitation.

No more details or information about the dig or who else was present during the time of discovery have been released.

T.he WCMS said: “the exclusion of the entire related archaeological contexts is absolutely contrary to the scientific investigation of this kind of cultural finds”.

And also added: “It is upon our authorities to make the corresponding accusations. Since this ‘production’ has violated numerous national and international norms that watch for the defense of cultural heritage.

“We hope that these same authorities will seek the protection and correct investigation of these remains and their place of origin. In order to stop looting and trafficking of human remains. 

“We also expect exemplary sanctions for those responsible of this depredation of heritage that is of all Peruvians and humanity as a whole.

Alien bodies in Peru

This is not the first time skeptics claim this conspiracy theory is a hoax. Nor is it the first piece of ‘evidence’ to crop up under the ‘alien mummies’ category. A giant three-fingered claw-like hand, believed to be of alien origin, was also discovered in Peru. The DNA testing of the three-fingered claw shows that it did not belong to any known species on Earth.



The giant three-fingered hand found in Peru. Image credit: Ancient Origins


Obviously, the big question is whether or not someone has committed an archaeological crime by making the discoveries look alien. If the results confirm crimes have been committed. Then this could well be one of the biggest hoaxes since the Roswell alien autopsy. However, if testing shows that these are genuine beings from another planet, well…just let that sink in for a second.

So, what do you think the five mummified bodies are?

We’d love to know your opinions on all of this. So, please feel free to leave your thoughts in a comment below.

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