Alien Buildings On The Moon In Shocking New Video Footage

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New alien photo shows possible alien buildings on the moon. Is extraterrestrial life living on our lunar orbiter?

A shocking new video that shows images of possible extraterrestrial buildings on the moon has kicked up the conspiracy that there is an alien colony living on the grey rock.

Alien buildings on moon

Alien news: extraterrestrial alien buildings on the moon. Image credit: Express.

The alien video footage that was uploaded to YouTube has been called one of the best pieces of evidence to indicate there is life on the moon – either extraterrestrial or human.

Usually, any previous alien evidence put forward to prove there is alien life on the moon has used poor quality videos and imagery, that many just say show rocks and illusions created by shadow and light.

On the other hand, this most recent piece of alien proof has some of the clearest and well-defined footage that suggest there is a secret colony living on the moon.

Take a look at the lunar landing and possible extraterrestrial building in the clip below:



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Extraterrestrial life on the moon

For decades, thousands of people have been convinced that there is alien life on our orbiting celestial body. Many images claim to have show alien sightings on the moon.

Looking at the imagery from the above video, the ‘L’ shaped object near to the landing shuttle is bizarre. It is not a normal structure that one would associate with the landscape of the moon.

Many witnesses to the video are convinced the geometric shape of the object is a clear sign that there is alien life within our galaxy. However, more eagle-eyed views have questioned why the alleged alien building does not cast any shadows – like the surrounding rocks, craters and boulders.

Unfortunately, for those convinced by the structure, it has been proven to be a hoax and debunked.

Scott Brando, who operates alien debunking website ‘’, was the one who proved the false nature of the video.

alien moon fake

Alien buildings on the moon proven to be fake alien news. Left the fake images, right the original Apollo images.

On top of this, it has been discovered that the video was originally shared on another YouTube channel back in May 2014 – so wasn’t even new footage.

Will the conspiracy that aliens live on the moon ever be proven, or will it forever remain an alien conspiracy?


Aliens sightings

Previous alien news about the moon emerged when two videos emerged online that seemed to suggest the proof of extraterrestrial life living out there.

However, like previously mentioned, the images within the videos are extremely blurry and no real detail can be distinguished. It is all really second guessing.



The above images in the video try to suggest that there is an alien backpack laying abandoned on the surface of our closest celestial body.

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