Alien Life Found On International Space Station

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Alien life found on the ISS suggests aliens are real. Are aliens real with extraterrestrial proof now in NASA’s hands?

A Russian astronaut has shockingly claimed there is proof of alien life. Apparently, astronauts have discovered an unknown bacteria clinging to the side of the International Space Station (ISS).

Anton Shkaplerov, who is planning his third visit into outer-space, says that NASA and other leading governing space exploration parties are aware of alien life. This comes after a mysterious bacteria were collected from the side of the ISS.

alien life

Alien life discovered on the side of the International Space Station. Image credit: YouTube.

He claims that the samples collected were not there when the space station originally launched, and this suggests that it could be proof of alien life – no matter how small.

Could this be the type of alien news that conspiracy theorists have been looking for to definitively say aliens are real?

Are aliens real

This is the question that we here at UFO News Alien have been trying to figure out for quite some time – are aliens real?

The fact that a bacteria of unknown origin – that was not previously there on the ISS before it launched – suggests that aliens are real. Alien life, which is not from this earth, is in existence.

Furthermore, Shkaplerov points out that the bacteria has clearly landed on the International Space Station from outer-space.

After coming to the conclusion that the alien bacteria is sufficient enough to say aliens are real. The next question is whether or not it is harmful to humankind. The Russian cosmonaut goes onto say that the samples collected are currently being studied and tested for further analysis. But initial testing indicates it is safe.

International Space Station

Alien life bacteria samples found on the outside of the International Space Station. Image credit: NASA.

Spacewalk missions picked up samples of the alien bacteria as the man-made structure orbited our world.

However, more thorough analysis of the newly discovered bacteria needs to take place in order to 100% determine its origin. On the other hand, some scientists point out that it is possible for this alien life to have been brought to the station from planet earth.

Some bacteria have been known to be able to survive the extreme temperature changes between taking off and space. Nevertheless, be sure to know that whatever the outcome of the alien news here, we will bring it to you.


Alien News 2017

In the more recent alien news, NASA could be taken to court for the truth if aliens are real or not.

Scott C Waring, active alien conspiracy theorists, wants to take the US space agency to court in an effort to get legal action so that they will tell the truth about alien life.

Are aliens real

Are aliens real? Did the U.S government make a treaty with alien life after the events of Roswell 1947?

Waring believes that ever since the events of Roswell 1947, the US government, and other leading world governments, have known about the existence of extraterrestrial life. He and many other UFO believers feel that aliens and the governments of our world have an embargo in place. Subsequently, this hides the truth about alien life from human civilization.

Furthermore, in an effort to disclose the truth, Waring is aiming to take NASA to court in a bid for them to reveal the truth about the existence of aliens.

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