Alien Planet Found By NASA Contains A Mystery

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NASA alien planet found. Extraterrestrial life planet found by NASA. NASA news planet discovery 2017 contains a big mystery.

Breaking NASA discovery of a far distant planet that contains a strange mystery. Astronomers believe the massive alien world contains titanium oxide within the atmosphere.

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WASP-19b is an exoplanet with titanium oxide in its atmosphere. Image credit: Sci-FiNews

NASA discovers a planet

NASA astronomers have discovered a distant alien planet that contains a shocking mystery. The alien world found has titanium oxide in the atmosphere. This is the first time that the contains of titanium have been found in the upper researchers of an alien planet. Furthermore, it has become a mystery within the alien news community.

NASA astronomers found the alien planet by using the ESO’s FORS2 instrument on the Very Large Telescope (VLT). The planet is called ‘WASP-19b‘. And became the first planet discovered by NASA to contain titanium oxide within its atmosphere. Scientists of NASA claim this mystery breakthrough will help them have a broader understanding of their search for extraterrestrial life.

WASP-19b is basically like a very ‘Hot Jupiter‘. The exoplanet roughly has the same mass as our gas giant. But the planet is a lot closer to is parent star, and completes an orbit in just 19 hours. The close proximity between planet and star make temperatures on the surface of the planet extremely hot. Therefore, scientists estimated temperatures reach around 2,000 degrees Celsius (3,632 degrees Fahrenheit).

WASP-19b, which is about 1,000 light years from Earth, also has water and sodium in the atmosphere.


Alien news: WASP-19b completes an orbital spin in just 19-earth-hours.

Alien news 2017

This alien news is extremely fascinating because titanium oxide is rarely found on Earth, and exists in the atmosphere of cooler stars. Within the atmosphere of a hot planet such as WASP-19b, titanium oxide will serve as a protection and absorb the heat from the stars radiation. In actual fact, if a planet contains enough titanium oxide in the atmosphere, it will stop heat from entering or leaving the planets atmosphere. This will cause the higher altitudes of the atmosphere to be warmer than the lower altitudes. In essence, it works in the same way as our Ozone layer here on Earth.


Extraterrestrial planets

Aliens news: Scientists have been collecting the data from WASP-19b for more than a year and it has helped them form a better understanding of extraterrestrial planets in our universe. The new data of the extraterrestrial world will be used to develop an improved model of exoplanets.

Extraterrestrial planets have always been something of a mystery.

In July 2017, researchers confirmed the current existence of 3,500 exoplanets, with Earth-like alien world candidates being just short of 300. The search for habitable homes for human life is different than the search for extraterrestrial life.

Habitable exoplanets

Some of the habitable exoplanets similar to Earth. Image credit: SRON Utrecht

Search for alien life

The strides made in discovering alien life forms has been great over the past two and a half decades. We have founds a vast array of exoplanets that contains a diversity and potential for alien life. However, it needs to be understood that the existence of extraterrestrials may be such a mystery to us that we don’t even recognize it. It could be living in subterranean oceans, it might be microbic, or buried deep underground in a planets surface.

The extreme diversity of exoplanets just reinforces the idea that alien life will be nothing like what we have on Earth.

Chemical compositions that make life habitable here on Earth may be lethal to a life form from a planet that has had to evolve under different circumstances.

NASA is constantly in search of planets that can withstand life. Providing an open-minded approach is applied, we will have the best chance of finding what we are seeking.

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