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All alien proof and UFO evidence to suggest aliens are real. Many images, videos, eye witness accounts, and government documents suggest that alien life does exist.

The question ‘does life exist on another planet?’ has circled around for hundreds of years. If the answer is ‘no’, then we truly are alone in the universe. A spec of dust on a blanket of empty space. But, if ‘yes’, then the answer brings forth more questions.

Theoretically, it is impossible for the human species to be the only form of life in the entire cosmos to develop into an advanced form of civilization.

are aliens real

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Alien proof

Before we jump into the 5 main reasons to suggest aliens are real. Let us take a brief look at the facts about UFO evidence and alien proof.

Firstly, there are around 3,500 cases of UFO sightings, UFO landings and physical traces of UFO evidence being left behind. There are over 4,000 UFO cases in which military radar tracking and airport control towers have detected anomalies.

UFO sighting

UFO sighting 1970 Japan of UFO evidence. Image credit: TheTelegraph.

Secondly, there is an overwhelming amount of alien photos and UFO videos that circle around the Internet. Of course, there has to be skepticism with most of this, but being skeptical does not mean to blindly disregard real proof of aliens.

Thirdly, it is worth knowing that there is a bigger case for alien proof and UFO evidence that there is for black holes. There is more evidence for UFO sightings than there is for most of the theories in astrophysics. But yet, there is a huge blockage in the mainstream media that disregard so much proof and negatively twists it.

Ancient Alien Civilizations

Many of our worlds most ancient civilizations provide some evidence that indicates extraterrestrial visitation took place.

The Babylonians, Sumerians, Egyptians, Mayans, are just a handful of great ancient ancestors that carved drawings of space-bound objects, spoke of alien proof, and had a deep seeded understanding of the solar system that defies belief.

Many people believe that our oldest civilization have evidence of interplanetary visitations. Which in turn, brings forward the Ancient Alien theory. This is a theory that suggests human civilization as we know it was founded, molded and shaped by aliens from another place. They helped in our development and improved our knowledge. As a result, it is likely that we saw these beings a ‘Gods and Goddesses’.

Furthermore, alien conspiracy theorists believe religious texts such as the bible reference proof of alien activity. And that our ancestors misinterpreted religious divine power as extraterrestrial technology power.

UFO in Hieroglyphics

One of the earliest pieces of suggested evidence comes from one of our most ancient populations – Egyptian hieroglyphics.

Hieroglyphics are the first human recordings of written communication. It uses symbolic figures to represent words in the ancient Egyptian language. The Egyptians carved hieroglyphics on the walls of tombs, pyramids, and other constructed buildings. They tell stories, document happenings and relate to life in the ancient time. However, there is a particular set of hieroglyphics that has people divided on its meaning.

See the image below.

Ancient Hieroglyphics UFO

UFO news: Ancient Hieroglyphics show UFO. Image owner: National UFO center.

The image clearly depicts certain figures that do not appear anywhere else within the ancient Egyptian community.

It shows what appears to be a modern-day helicopter, a boat of some sort, and something that looks capable of flight. Is this UFO evidence? This is all technology that our ancient decedents did not have, so how could it be possible for them to carve them into the wall, and why?


Well, many Ancient Alien theorists suggest that an alien race once visited our home thousands of years ago. These aliens from another world helped guide our ancient civilizations in the right directions and development. Some people believe that the ancient Egyptians recorded the crafts that the aliens were using as a means of transport around our world.

However, skeptics suggest the Egyptians created the symbols by accident when the ancient civilization overlapped numerous other symbols.

UFO hieroglyphics

Alien proof and UFO evidence news. UFO hieroglyphics could be overlapping symbols. Ownership of photo: Travel to eat.

The image above suggests how these hieroglyphics were merely the cause of overlapping more than one set of symbols. But, many people argue that if the Egyptians really wanted to rewrite something on the wall, it would have been much easier to remove the block of stone they were writing on and replace it with another.

So, can we evidently claim this is proof of alien existence? Not yet, keep an open mind and read through the remaining factors before jumping to conclusions.


Planet X

How many of you have heard the incoming doom surrounding the ‘Planet X theory’?

Planet X, or Nibiru, has been all over the news lately, with many doomsday theorists suggesting that the so-called rogue planet will bring an end to the world as we know it.

Planet X

Hypothetical Planet X artist illustration. Image ownership: SolarSystemExplorationNASA

However, how many of you know that it was the Babylonians and Sumerians that first spoke of the planet?

Indeed, it was two of our most ancient civilizations that spoke of another celestial body in our solar system called Nibiru. They said that the planet had a 3,600 earth year rotation around our Sun. Many Planet X theorists calculated that Nibiru should have passed by our earth by now, which would bring unimaginable destruction to life on our planet. But, we are still here.

On top of naming an additional planet in our solar system, which NASA is yet to confirm or detect, the ancient civilizations spoke of something quite extraordinary about Nibiru. It’s claimed that the planet is home to another humanoid race – a race of beings referred to as ‘deities’. With such a limited language and a lack of understanding of the universe, the only reference they could relate to the other life form to was that of a God. However, as language and understanding have developed over time, it is clear from certain texts that this Nibiru civilization is of an alien race.

It is worth noting that the Bible also mentions this race of beings, but references them to the ‘Sons of God.’

UFO sightings in space

Okay, so maybe searching for UFO news and evidence from thousands of years ago isn’t the best place to start. We can not exactly for their intentions when they made the hieroglyphics, religions, and stories.

Perhaps getting alien evidence from people in our modern daytime is the best place to look for the answer to ‘are aliens real? ’And who better to analyze than those humans who have gone into space.

If the governments of the world refuse to accept the existence of extraterrestrial life, then surely astronauts would deny it too, right?

But that is not the case. Numerous astronauts have come out and claimed to have seen alien activity whilst they’ve been above the earth’s atmosphere.

In June of 1965, astronauts Ed White and James McDivitt were over the skies of Hawaii when they witnessed a cylindrical UFO sighting. The pair took a photo of the UFO. But lens flare decreased the quality of the photograph. They also apparently filmed the UFO evidence. However, it seems officials forbid the release of the footage.

Ed White and James McDivitt

NASA Ed White (left) and James McDivitt (right) claim to have seen ufos. Image credit: NASA.

In December of the same year, astronauts James Levine and Frank Borman reported seeing a UFO when they were blasting up into space. Mission Control told the two that it was likely the booster rockets they could see detaching from the spaceship, however, James clearly stated that he could see the rocket boosters and the UFO.

Dr. Edgar Mitchell, the 6th man to walk on the moon, has also spoken out about the reality of extraterrestrial visitations, UFO crashes on earth with alien bodies being recovered from said crashes.

NASA Moon Missions

We can’t talk about astronauts and alien proof without mentioning Buzz Aldrin and Neil Armstrong, the first two men to step foot on the moon!

The two famous NASA astronauts have both come forward to say that there is an alien base on the dark side of the moon and that aliens explicitly told them to get off the moon. Whilst the astronauts were conducting their routine business, the two of them both reported seeing UFO activity, and alien crafts watching what they were doing. On top of this, Neil Armstrong talked to mission control and said the words “they’re here, they’re watching us.” But officials deny the existence of this information.

Apollo 11 mission image

Neil Armstrong and Buzz Aldrin were the first men on the moon. Image owned by Armaghplanet

On top of all the reports from people who have experienced life in space and claimed to have seen UFO activity, there is the countless number of videos from the International Space Station that show ufos.

However, on so many occasions, NASA cut the ISS live video feed when a UFO enters the frame. This has led many people to believe that NASA is aware that aliens are real but decide to keep the general population in the dark about their existence.


UFO News: UFO sighting from ISS.


The Men In Black

No, this isn’t a section on the pop sci-fi comedy film released in 1997 starring Will Smith and Tommy Lee Jones. However, maybe the film holds some truth.

We are talking about the secret government officials who are said to harass UFO and alien believers. The MIB is said to threaten and scare individuals who have witnessed UFO sightings or have alien evidence and ensure the secrecy of alien life remains behind closed doors.

Essentially, they are part of a mastermind cover up the scheme.

There have been hundreds of reports from people claiming to have seen and been visited by the Men In Black.

One such case dates back to September 1976, when Dr. Herbert Hawkins was working on a UFO case. One evening he got a phone call from a man who claimed to be from a newspaper journal that was interested in Hawkins’ story. The man asked if he could interview Hawkins, and Hawkins obliged. After hanging up, Dr. Hawkins realized the man was already in his house and making his way up the stairs. Hawkins describes the man to be wearing a black suit, black tie, black shoes, black gloves, and a white shirt. He says the man was completely bald and did not even have eyebrows!

herbert hawkins

Dr. Herbert Hawkins’ report about the Men In Black.

The strange man in black threateningly spoke with Hawkins in a passive voice and told him to stop the work he was doing. Shortly after the man got up and said: “I must go now, my energy is running low.” He left and was never seen of again.


Aliens in space

Can alien life develop in the furthest reaches of our cosmos? Can a UFO travel through light years in the blink of an eye?

Maybe this is all conspiracy theory. Perhaps our ancient ancestors created elaborate stories to tell their children, and made mistakes when writing – we all do. Also, let’s discount the brave men and women who have traveled into space in the name of science. If nothing has convinced you so far, perhaps statistics can sway your mind.

It is estimated that for every grain of sand that is on planet earth, there is another Earth-like planet capable of sustaining life in our observable universe.


Aliens in space. UFO new and alien news.

The sheer size of the universe that we live in makes it mathematically impossible for our earth to be the only place to develop life. Alien life is statistically improbable.

With an estimated 56 trillion planets in the observable universe, do you really think we are the only one to develop life? This judgment is up to you.


UFO cover-ups

Many people believe that the governments of the world are constantly covering up the existence of ufos and alien life. It is believed that the likes of the U.S governments, and many over leading governments from our planets, are aware that aliens are real, but choose to keep this information to themselves. They fear the release of these details will cause worldwide panic, but that does not stop recent UFO sightings cover-ups.

However, how can you hide such a big secret? Well, you hide it in plain sight.

One of the biggest strengths that governments of the world have to their advantage is the belief that they cannot possibly keep such a secret safe from the world. In light of this, the National Security Agency (NSA) was kept secret from the public for 30 years until it grew too big for its own good.

On top of this, the people working on the Manhattan project during WWII to produce the first nuclear weapon managed to keep this a classified secret up until the weapon was used. Only then did the U.S government admit what it had been working on.

So, if you have a belief that the government is not able to lock down big secrets, you are gravely naive.

Roswell UFO cover-up

We can probably trace the first example of a big military UFO cover up back to 1947 with the Roswell UFO incident. Much speculation has been made surrounding the alleged UFO crash that it has created a hazed fog of uncertainty to what happened.

At first, the U.S military in Roswell, New Mexico, confirmed the crash of a UFO, but later retracted their statement and instead said it was nothing more than a weather balloon. This mix up between a UFO crash and a crashed weather balloon is what initially created the speculation of a possible UFO cover up. Surely military personnel would know the different between a UFO sighting and a weather balloon.

Roswell UFO cover up

Roswell UFO cover up. Image credit: Humor Gunazin

Nevertheless, reports needed to be made about the incident.

Guy Hottel authored an FBI report dated March 22nd, 1950, which gives details about the UFO crash in Roswell, New Mexico. The memo was sent to the FBI Headquarters and addressed to Director J. Edgar Hoover, before going into the FBI records and not being followed up.

FBI Guy Hottel document

FBI Guy Hottel document.

The FBI report gives details about the crashed UFO in Roswell, and about “three bodies of human shape but only three feet tall”. However, they did not carry out any further investigation.

Now, if the FBI has official reports on UFO’s and alien bodies, then surely there must be some legitimacy to them, right?

Project Blue Book

The U.S government set up Project Blue Book in 1952, with J. Allen Hynek at the head of the project, to give fair and honest feedback on the UFO phenomena.

However, the committee that was there to provide extensive detailed reports on alien news stories actually started debunking the issue entirely. This, in turn, created a twisted look on the subject. To the extent that anyone who believed in such ‘theories’ was seen to be deluded.

And, it has worked. Any credible and sane scientist – or indeed any normal member of the public – who is seen to believe in the existence of aliens immediately have their logic and understanding thrown into question.

It is worth bearing in mind however, that J. Allen Hynek who originally headed the PBB, admitted that the true aim of the project was to debunk UFO cases.

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