Alien Sightings On The Moon

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Proof of life on the Moon in new alien sightings photographs that maybe prove aliens are real. Alien sightings on the Moon.

New images have emerged online that maybe fuel fire to the conspiracy theory that there are aliens on the moon.

The images, which were taken by a Chinese spacecraft on the Moon, have spread like wildfire convincing some people that aliens are inhabiting the Earth’s moon.

The two alien photo’s in question are of what has been described as an ‘alien backpack’ and of a ‘genuine alien image‘.

Moon aliens

Moon alien sightings. Aliens are real in new alien news. Photo credit: DailyExpress.

Alien conspiracy theory YouTube channel Streetcap1 has brought this alien news up for discussion again with their new videos dedicated to explaining the alien photographs.

For many decades it has been believed that there are moon aliens living in hiding on the Earth’s moon. The alien conspiracy theory goes that when the first Apollo lunar missions were launched and landed on the surface, the alien population warned humankind to stay away and never return. Some claim this is the reason why we have never returned back to the moon.

See the video below for the strange backpack-like object found on the lunar surface.

Alien sightings

Even more fascinating than a bizarre shape on the surface of our moon, is the image of a suspected alien.

StreetCap1 are adamant that this is a genuine alien sighting.

The image on the video is extremely blurry and it is hard to make a distinctive feature of the alleged alien within the photograph. It feels as though Streetcap1 are really clutching at straws with this one.

It is easy to see why this alien proof has been rubbished by so many people. Many aspects must be taken into consideration. For example, the light could be casting shadows on areas of a rock to make it look like a strange humanoid figure.

For us here at UFO News Alien, we cannot stand behind this image and categorically say it is a real alien. There are other alien news stories with better factual evidence.

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Alien life on Mars

Recently proof of alien life on Mars in new NASA photos was revealed.

The images appeared to show what seems like cannonball objects on the Martian surface. In contrast to the surrounding area, these cannonballs seemed completely out of place in comparison to the rocky edged boulders and rocks.

cannonball Mars

Mars cannonball hits the latest alien news stories. Screenshotted from above YouTube video.

As of yet, NASA has stood by their statement that they have not come across any signs of alien life. Could there be more evidence of alien sightings on Mars?

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NASA News Mars

Previous to these conspiracy claims, NASA made a shocking discovery that could add fuel to such theories.

NASA scientists made a statement in regards to their find, saying that Mars is “possibly the cradle of life.

Aliens Mars

Alien life on Mars could have thrived with evidence in new NASA photos.

The team recently came across a discovery that meant the fourth planet from the sun was once in a stable condition to support life – and these conditions could have brought about an evolutionary form of alien life.

Much like how our planet helped in the development of life millions of years ago, so two was our neighboring Red friend.

However, NASA does also state that such life on Mars no longer exists.

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