ALIENS ON MARS – Lioness Statue Head Discovered


Does this discovery of a lioness statue head prove there are aliens on Mars? UFO hunters believe this is evidence of alien life on the red planet in this latest alien news report.

New images of what seems to be a carved feline head on the surface of Mars has set a feeding frenzy in motion as many conspiracy theorists see it as proof of aliens on Mars.

Many UFO enthusiasts and people convinced of alien life spend their time looking through images taken by NASA’s Curiosity Rover, which is currently on Mars.

Nine times out of ten the images sent back to Earth by NASA’s exploration robot are just of the barren planet’s landscape. However, every so often something truly outstanding pops up within the images.

Aliens on Mars

Alien news: Does this image suggest alien life once lived on Mars? Sourced: Express.

Conspiracy theory YouTube channel, ArtAlien TV, dedicate their time to searching through these images and point out evidence that suggests life on Mars.

One of their latest videos depicts an image that appears to show a rock that has been carved into the shape of a lions head.

Could it be possible that a very ancient civilization once thrived on this now scarce world?

Watch the video below:

Proof of alien life on Mars

John White, who runs the YouTube channel, begs the question if this is really a carved statue head of something resembling a feline animal.

Many UFO followers believe that this could, in fact, be proof of a lost civilization on the barren planet.

If this is the case, then there could be a connection between Mars and the ancient Egyptian civilization. The Egyptian culture of old is famous for its carvings of animals such as lions, crocodiles, birds, and more. Not to mention that they also viewed felines as sacred creatures.

However, unless we can actually travel to Mars to examine the rock in person, we will never truly know.

Many scientists would actually argue that this is nothing more than a trick, an illusion of light, where the mind sees what it wants to see – a familiar shape/face within something that is not actually there.

Life on Mars

This image may show a lion statue on the Martian surface. Image credit: Express.

A lot of the time, this pareidolia effect is given as an example for many alleged pieces of evidence that could expose the possibility of aliens on Mars or life on the moon.

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Recent UFO news

NASA’s new satellite, TESS, has recently in search of extraterrestrial life within our solar system. The exploration space agency is keen to discover new forms of alien life.

The aim of the mission is to hopefully discover an alien planet that harbors another form of life – extraterrestrial to our own.


Alien news: NASA send TESS in search for extraterrestrial life. Image credit:

TESS will be studying star systems that are between 10 to 300 light-years away from our own. It may seem like a far distance, but in terms of astrology, it is pretty small. Kepler, which launched in 2009, has been studying stars with a much greater distance than this.

Dr. Stephen Rinehard, who is a project scientist on the NASA mission at the Goddard Space Flight Center, Maryland, said that he hopes the new NASA satellite will discover new mysteries in our cosmos. He went on to say that perhaps they will discover something that will shock everyone and leave them “scratching their heads.

With four specialized cameras, TESS is able to look at 85% of the entire sky. This amazing field of view will cover an estimated 20 million stars!

Surely the search for alien life has taken another step forward.

More alien news

Similar to the Kepler satellite, TESS is programmed to look for exoplanets by searching for what astronomers label as ‘transits’. This is when a planet’s orbit takes it to the forefront of their star and periodically blocks a percentage of the light admitted from the star. If TESS discovers such transits whilst in space, it is reasonable to conclude that the star may be being orbited by an extraterrestrial world.


Any possible newly discovered exoplanets will be prime candidates for further exploration and observation.

The new NASA satellite will be in transition for two years. The mission will be led by both MIT and the Goddard Space Center team.


Alien news: search for extraterrestrial life.

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