Are Aliens Real In The Bible

ALIEN NEWS: Are aliens real in the bible. UFO sightings in the bible and alien abduction stories from the bible suggest aliens are real.

Religion, a means of peace and understanding that has instead caused war and chaos for thousands of years. The differences in religion have been one of the main causes of bloodshed in the growth of humanity. They are still at the forefront of conflict today.

But, could there be something from religion that we have massively misunderstood? Could the beliefs in Gods and Goddesses, the beliefs that sometimes drive us apart, actually be the result of alien interaction?

Many Ancient Alien theorists believe that the biblical texts of our ancient civilizations have been misinterpreted as divine power, instead of extraterrestrial power.

Was Jesus an alien?

Could the ancient biblical texts be the earliest documentation of alien occurrences?

Despite there being no physical evidence to prove these UFO sightings claims and theories, it hasn’t stopped many people believe it is more logical to connect the events that took place in the bible to an alien life form, rather than a divine God.

The following details are connected to UFO sightings in the bible and are designed to ask are aliens real?


Are aliens real

Barry Downing, a firm believer that the biblical texts of Christianity point to the first recorded events of alien abduction and UFO sightings, says that the Virgin Mary‘s encounter with Angel Gabriel is an indicator of an alien abduction. One that took place long before humanity developed the concept or awareness of the possibility of life beyond our world.

He suggests that Mary’s immaculate conception with Jesus Christ was the result of a being abducted by aliens. The artificial insemination of alien genes into human genetics would create an alien-human hybrid, which might explain Jesus’ ‘divine powers’.

Video credit: Alltime Conspiracy

This may seem far-fetched. But there have been reported incidences of women claiming to have been abducted by aliens, and returning with a surprise gift in their womb. There are also those among us who claim themselves to be a by-product of alien-human genetic bonding.

However, like most alien conspiracy theories, there is no definitive proof of the claims.

UFO sightings

There are relations between the events of the Bible and recent stories of alien encounters and UFO sightings. One of those is in the ‘Gospel of Saint Matthew from the New Testament‘. This records a sky-born being descending to earth and telling the three wise men about the birth of Jesus.

Downing claims that the star that leads the wise men to the stable where Jesus is born, which we commonly know as the Star of Bethlehem, was in fact a UFO sighting. He claims the three men recorded one of the first UFO sightings in history.

star of bethlehem UFO

Could the star of Bethlehem have been a UFO?

UFO sightings in the bible

When the three wise men knew of the existence of the star that would guide them to Jesus’ birthplace, they went to Jerusalem to tell King Herod. However, neither Herod nor his court were aware of the existence of this star. So, we ask, how could a star that is meant to be so bright and obvious not have been spotted by the King of Jerusalem and the people?

Even more mysterious, the Star of Bethlehem seems to be a star that can move freely in the sky. The wise men described the star as a ‘star in the east’, which would somehow guide them south to the location of Jesus Christ. It is said that the star went before the three wise men in the sky ‘til it came and stood over where the young child was‘.

Does this sound like the normal night star, or maybe an Unidentified Flying Object?


Was the Star of Bethlehem a UFO or could it have been something else?

So, did the three wise men witness a UFO sighting, or could there be another explanation for this apparent mystical event?

Are aliens real

The case for the UFO sightings theory neglects one key ingredient for Greek culture at the time. The phrase ‘in the east‘, in reference to the star, has a literal translation in Greek to ‘en te Anatole‘, which was a term used by Greek mathematical astrology 2,000 years ago.

Basically, this term is in reference to a specific moment in astrological events when a planet would surface above the eastern horizon prior to sunrise. This is known to astronomers as the heliacal rising.

Heliacal Rising of Sirius

An example of a Heliacal Rising of Sirius. Image credit:

This event is what created the Greek phrase ‘en te Anatole‘ or ‘in the east‘.

Greek astronomers saw the reappearance of Jupiter as a symbol for a significant birth, so it is possible that the three men from the bible saw the heliacal rising of Jupiter.

But, is there an astronomical event that can make the ‘star or planet‘ stop and hover over a certain point?

When the earth, which orbits the Sun quicker than Jupiter and Mars, catches up or overlaps the other planet, it creates an illusion in the sky that appears as though the planet has stopped moving. When in fact, the planet will now appear to slowly move from westward to eastward.

Jupiter and moons

Jupiter and its moons as seen from Earth

Reading through the described events of the Bible, it may appear that a rare cosmic event took place around this time.

The only problem we have for this theory, however, is that it doesn’t add up. The occurrence of such an event would have taken place on April 17 of 6 B.C. And lasted for another two years, when on December 19 of 6 B.C, Jupiter seemed to stop in the sky before moving eastward. This would mean that by the time the three wise men arrived at the point of the destination, Jesus would have already been a toddler.

The Gospel of Matthew describes these events happening in a much shorter time period.

So, does this time difference give the UFO sightings theory more solidity?


Was Jesus an alien

Are aliens real, and was Jesus an alien?

Well, this question must have crossed your mind at least once, otherwise, you wouldn’t be here reading.

The answer, possibly, probably, no and yes. It depends on who you ask. There is no proof, and maybe there never will be.

We cannot do an autopsy on the body of Jesus Christ to unveil if there are genes from an unknown origin. All we can do is look at the biblical texts and theorize.

As well as being the ‘son of God‘, Jesus is well known for his divine powers and miracles that are described in various stages of the New Testament.

Now, it’s safe to say that most of Jesus’ miracles are supernatural. But are they the result of his direct link to the creator of the universe? His major miracles involve healing, exorcisms, controlling nature, and the resurrection of the dead – something he did to himself. He is also accounted for being able to walk on water, turn water into wine, and feed thousands of people from a few loafs of bread and numerous fish.

Devote Christians believe that his powers are proof he was the son of God. However, could there be another explanation?

Are aliens real or not

It might have been a believable or acceptable idea to think his powers derived from his father – a God – thousands of years ago. But as we progress our ideas and understandings change. Does it now seem more plausible that Jesus’ father was an alien?

If the theory for Mary’s encounter with Gabriel was an alien abduction, then this would make Jesus an alien-human hybrid. As we do not know the extent of the power an alien life force is capable of. We must accept the possibility that the ‘divine’ powers of Jesus were the result of his alien DNA and genetic difference.

Jesus Christ UFO

Painting of Jesus’ crucifixion, with what appears to be two UFO’s in the background.

Look at the image above, tell me what you see.

This painting on the walls of a Svetitskhoveli Cathedral in Georgia shows Jesus’ crucifixion being watched by a crowd of people. Additionally, in the background, there are two mysterious craft-like objects. Some alien theorists point to this as evidence that aliens were present during the time of Jesus’ crucifixion.

On the other hand, art historians, who have studied the 11th-century painting, claim they are representations of guardian angels. However, during the Byzantine era – the period when this painting was created. During this period guardian angels were depicted as human-like figures with wings. Not as space-like crafts.

Could this painting indicate the presence of UFO’s and aliens in our ancient culture, and if so, could it be a link to show Jesus himself was an alien?


The New Testament

All things considered, more research and understanding of the past needs to occur before we can category say ‘Jesus was an alien.’

Accounts of recent alien abductions and UFO sightings seem to mirror events that are detailed in the New Testament. It is logical too, therefore, relate these ancient and historic events to extraterrestrial beings, the only problem is proof. Even with thousands of claims of alien abductions and UFO sightings, we still have no physical and real evidence. They remain claims and open to criticism.

The thorough examination of the Bible and other biblical texts must take place before we can make such statements. It is okay to theorize your own beliefs and interpret things in a different way. But without the evidence to back it up, opinion will remain an opinion.

We’d love to know what you think about all of this. So, please feel free to leave your thoughts in a comment below.


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