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NASA responds to questions are aliens real or fake in a debate over NASA alien conspiracy theory. Are aliens real or not?

In a recent Q and A, NASA has finally responded to claims that they are part of an alien cover-up. And have hidden evidence of alien UFO’s from the world for many decades.

For many decades alien theorists have claimed there is proof of alien life on the Moon, Mars and other areas in our galaxy. Recently, images of alleged aliens sightings on the Moon surfaced on the Internet, with many people pointing to NASA as the number one culprit at covering up the existence of aliens.

But, could it all be true? Is NASA hiding the truth about alien life?


NASA alien news. Are aliens real?

It is claimed that NASA, in correspondence with the U.S Government and other leading governing bodies of the world, is keeping the existence of alien life a secret amidst fears that it could spark anarchy and global panic.

Furthermore, the space agency, which usually stays out of such controversial conversations, has actually responded to more recent claims that they are hiding aliens and ufos from the rest of the world.

Are aliens real

As we continue to further explore our vast and ever-growing Universe, the probability is aliens are real or not begins to weigh heavily in favor of the possibility. But, are aliens real?

Recently, the US space exploration agency made an announcement about a new solar system it had discovered (Kepler90) around 5,500 light years from Earth. NASA says the newfound system has eight orbiting planets similar to Earth.

The announcement was made during a NASA Reddit Q&A, where users made the most of the opportunity to ask the agency about alien conspiracy theories.

One user asked:

Obviously we are not alone so my question is when will NASA admit other life forms are plentiful out there?

Paul Hertz, a NASA Astrophysics Division director in Washington, was on the receiving end of this question.

Paul Hertz NASA

Paul Hertz NASA employee and spokesmen during Reddit Q&A. Image credit: Fox2News.

Dr. Hertz publicly opened up and started the search for extraterrestrial beings has always come back negative. Furthermore, he added that if such a breakthrough was ever found the world would be the first to know.

The only life we know about is on Earth. NASA is always looking for life out there, and when we find it, we will tell you.

Many people would expect such an answer from NASA – after all, who would admit to such a huge alien cover-up conspiracy?


Previously, NASA had also claimed that Mars could have developed an extraterrestrial form of life!

A discovery on the Red planet – made by NASA – led them to make a statement that the fourth planet from the Sun could be the “cradle of life” in the Universe.

Aliens Mars

Alien life on Mars could have thrived with evidence in new NASA photos.

They discovered that the planet used to have the exact means of developing and supporting life. Much like our own planet millions of years ago.

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More recently, scientists and astronomers discovered an interstellar asteroid that might hold the key to unlocking the truth about aliens.

Interstellar Asteroid

Interstellar Asteroid detected, alien life checks to be carried out.

The asteroid is believed to have been traveling through the Universe for hundreds of millions of years. It is the first confirmed foreign object to be sighted in our solar system. This means the bizarre looking cosmic body originates from another solar system within our galaxy.

Stephen Hawking and his astronomy team at the Breakthrough Listen Project are currently conducting tests on the asteroid to see if it can help them understand how alien life may grow.

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