Are Aliens Real OR Fake? Facts And Evidence

Are aliens real

Are aliens real or fake facts and evidence. Aliens on earth proof of historical events and alien theories. Are aliens real or not?

This is a question that has boggled the minds of stargazers and scientists alike for hundreds of years. Is it possible that planet earth is the only planet to exhibit and evolve life in the cosmos? Or is there the possibility of other life forms in the vast darkness?

Mathematically, and logically, we cannot be the only life form to develop on a planet, but is there proof of it happening elsewhere?

Alien planet life

Are aliens real? Is there proof of alien life on another planet?

There are a countless number of planets and stars floating around in the vast vacuum that is space. Astronomers have estimated that there are roughly 40-billion Earth-sized planets that orbit around their stars ‘habitable zone‘ within the Milky Way. The closest of such planets is 12 light-years away from planet earth.

So, is it possible for us to determine if aliens are real or fake with these facts?

Unfortunately, it is almost impossible for us to look into space in search of alien life. Stephen Hawking, who is a firm believer in the existence of extraterrestrial life, has set up a Breakthrough Listen project. This project is aimed to listen to any radio signals that might be transmitted through space and reach earth.

So, for the time being, there are not enough definitive facts to determine if aliens are real or fake.

Are aliens on earth

So, since it is almost impossible to trace the existence of alien life on a distant planet, maybe we have evidence of aliens on earth.

Over the past 100-years or so, there have been a reported 105,000 UFO sightings. However, skeptics have debunked a lot of this material.

One of the biggest reported UFO sightings is the Roswell UFO incident, which happened in Roswell, New Mexico, in 1947. Due to the mix up from the U.S government in distinguishing what had actually occurred, many people believe that the U.S military covered up the existence of a UFO crash, and continue to hide the truth about the true nature of alien life.

It is now believed by some that the US military has the facts and evidence to state aliens are real, and not fake.

Beyond the Roswell UFO incident, many people believe there are aliens on earth, and that they have been here since the dawn of human society.

Aliens on earth

Many people believe there are Aliens on earth, and they have been living here for thousands of years.

The Ancient Aliens theory, which firmly believes that there are aliens on earth, states that an alien race helped build and shape the human society thousands of years ago.

They claim that there is proof of this in the ancient drawings, paintings, and hieroglyphics of our earth ancient civilizations. Images that seem to show weird humanoid-beings, men in space-suits, rocket ships and flying saucers, and control panels being operated by people. These pieces of hard evidence, plus the stories of ‘Gods‘ coming from the stars in bright lights, seem to suggest that aliens are real, and have been on earth for thousands of years.

Ancient aliens

Some images that Ancient Alien theorists claim is proof of aliens being on earth thousands of years ago.


Are aliens real evidence

Has there been evidence or facts within the past few years to indicate the unquestionable existence of extraterrestrial life?

There are always reports, every single day. People are always reporting on the latest UFO sightings, or if there are aliens on earth, but nothing has been 100% factual to definitively give us an answer. Of course, people who firmly believe that aliens are real will argue with this statement. However, until an alien body, is shown to the world, or we are invaded by an advanced alien life, we are still uncertain.

In October 2016, scientists offered a strange explanation to why a distant star, Tabby’s Star, was showing weird light fluctuation patterns. Some claim that a massive alien megastructure was in orbit of the star. This megastructure was harnessing solar power as energy. Others, however, claim the strange light patterns emitted by the star could be the result of a mass collection of comets.

More investigation will be needed if scientists want to find out the true nature of this bizarre event.

Alien abduction

Thousands of people each year make claims of alien abductions.

Thousands of people claim to have experiences of alien abductions. But not one of them can give substantial evidence to their claims.

There is a case from Stan Romanek, which you can watch on Netflix, where he claims to have actual footage of aliens. However, critics discredited his footage very quickly.


Are aliens real or not

From the facts that are currently available – no. But from a mathematical, logical, and skeptical point of view – yes.

Humans cannot be the only life form to come into existence, there has to be more. Whether they are advanced or not, there must be something else out there…mustn’t there?

Fingers crossed, we will learn the truth. Hopefully, we will have an answer to all of our questions. But for now, we must continue searching.


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