Are Aliens Real In Shocking New Alien Photograph

Are Aliens Real?

Are aliens real in shocking new alien photo real? Does the latest alien news show an alien photo real or fake?

Argentinean police responding to an emergency call came across something they were not expecting – an interplanetary humanoid creature standing before them.

The alien photo is streaming across all the major alien conspiracy theory websites after being reported by Argentinean website ‘‘. The shocking new alien photo is creating waves in the alien news community over its authenticity.


Argentinean police captured a real-life alien photograph on their mobile phone. Image credit: Argentinean Federal Police.


Alien news

This is the question we are all asking ourselves now. Is this real proof of aliens on earth?

The image quality is not the best – as is always the case with supposed ‘real images’ that beg the question ‘are aliens real?‘ However, it is nonetheless believable.

Alien photos are always met with criticism and are usually only as reliable as the people who took them, and this photograph of an alien life-form was not snapped by any local villager. No, it was taken by a member of the law, a police officer who had been called out on duty to respond to unusual behavior. What he has captured is beyond ‘shocking’.

Are aliens real or fake

The police were called out on September 13th to the Parque Mitre area of Corrientes, before one of the officers spotted something that he referred to as a ‘humanoid-like figure‘. The alien photo was taken on his mobile phone.

However, as always, there are those trying to debunk the evidence and claim it is nothing more than a CGI fake alien photo.

Reports claim that a group of young people were responsible for ringing the police after they claimed to have seen a strange figure wandering about in the area. After responding to the claims made, the police began a search in the Parque Miter area and came across something that will never be forgotten.

When the police began to move closer to the alien, it ran away and fled into the Paraná River, never to be seen again.

Video credit: UFOmania

The problem that most people have with the alien photo is that it is too ‘traditional’ looking for an alien. In other words, it is your typical style alien seen in movies and TV series like the X-Files.

Big oval head, dark black eyes, skinny torso and limbs with long fingers. From the perspective at which the policeman took the photograph, the alien appears fairly fall in stature.

Are aliens real

For many decades, ufologists and alien news believers have claimed that aliens are among us on earth. That they frequently visit and that our government is hiding it all.

Malcolm Robinson, a paranormal researcher, attended the Paraforce convention in the Witham, Essex, UK. He gave a lecture for aliens on earth and used this photograph as an example. He does not categorically know if this is a real or fake image but says the matter must be looked into further.


Malcolm Robinson paranormal researcher.

Malcolm Robinson paranormal researcher. Image credit: Daily Mail.

Could this be real alien news?


Alien news conclusion

Is this alien photo genuinely a real alien, or a fake alien photo?

First, take a look at the two images below:

alien photos

Top: the image photographed by a policeman. Bottom: still image taken from a Spanish horror film.

The top image depicts the alleged photo shot by the police officer when called out on duty. The bottom image shows a still framed shot from the Spanish horror film O.V.N.I.

Notice anything similar between them?

They are essentially the same image. It is clearly evident when you look and compare the two images that the first image is basically a copy from the horror film. This is not definitive proof that aliens walk among us. Unfortunately, the search for are aliens real is still ongoing.



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