Creepy Twitter Voicemail Warns Of Alien Invasion

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Twitter users are receiving creepy voicemails warning of UFO alien invasions, conspiracy theories and much more.

An apocalyptic message sent in a robotic voice is sweeping through Twitter account voicemails and causing widespread panic among receivers.

Furthermore, a mysterious code has been implanted within the robotic message, which is trying to be decoded.

The creepy Twitter voicemail gives details about the missing MH370 plane that vanished 4 years ago, informs the truth about aliens and provides a date for the end of the world.

The cryptic code within the voicemail is said to be in the NATO phonetic alphabet and has been decoded as to saying: “S Danger SOS it is dire for you to evacuate be caution they are not human 042933964230 SOS Danger SOS.

However, several users have received an even longer message.

Twitter creepy voicemail

Twitter creepy voicemail. The image is taken from YouTube.

The longer version of the creepy Twitter voicemail says: “This is not a test, this is not a joke. Over the past several years we have been wanting to send an automated voice message to people who understand and are not afraid.

“One message at a time will make many know the truth. The truth that other biological beings have been walking the supreme creation that sustains life. Earth.”

It goes on to say: “But as chaos comes to your planet we must show ourselves to prove that there are different ways to keep the peace. Many do not agree with what we say, so they may hunt us down.

We will make ourselves known to the best of our utmost capabilities. Clear your air space for safe consequences.

Creepy Twitter voicemail

Alien news: Twitter users are receiving creepy twitter voicemails. Image from YouTube channel.

Twitter Voicemail

The first person to publicly post about the message they received was a Twitter user that goes by the name Ty.

On the 13th March, he posted the recording and asked for help about how to translate what he had received.

A few days later he claims that someone drove past his home at 3 AM and took a photograph of his home. Ty claims that the two strange events are connected.

Watch the video below for full details on the creepy Twitter voicemail people are receiving.

Alien news: strange Twitter voicemail:


Many other Twitter users have come forward and claimed they have received the same version of the message as Ty, or an extended one.

The message is sparking fear and paranoia about what is being warned.

Code crackers have said that the numbers received in the weird voicemails give coordinates that relate to areas near Africa and also close to Malaysia. Many speculate that this is an indication to where the MH370 flight from Malaysian Airlines went missing.

Furthermore, some say that there is a hidden message relating to the death of Stephen Hawking. Crackers of the code allegedly say that a message saying ‘they are taking over‘ is evident.

They are taking over. The message received is well related to Stephen Hawking’s death, you are not ready to face them.


UFO end of the world

Further investigation into the sequence of numbers gives a specific date, a date that many claims could be the end of the world.

April 18th, 2018.

So, could this be the day of reckoning spoken about in many religious texts? Or could it be the day we are overtaken by an advanced alien life form?

As the message indicate that “they are not human” followed by the number “042933964230“, the theory about the number could indicate anything. From coordinates to date, or even help at how to defeat the non-human threat.


Alien news: Could cryptic Twitter voicemail indicate the end of the world by aliens in UFO? Image credit: FatosDesconhecidos.

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