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Alien life on Mars was just confirmed by NASA. Discover everything about Alien life on Mars and in space. New NASA news Mars discovery confirms the probability of life on Mars.

NASA has made an astronomical Mars discovery which could prove that the origin of life as we know it originated from the Red Planet.

NASA Mars alien discovery

NASA makes a groundbreaking discovery which could prove life originated from Mars.

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A team of NASA scientists has uncovered what appears to be an extremely old volcano that was once submerged under an ocean of water. The NASA news team state this key detail could have helped alien life on Mars to develop.

The volcano vent-like structures are a huge indication that aliens could have evolved on the planet, as many scientists theorize that similar structures here on earth helped in the development of life forms. The constant release of hot water and chemicals are what is needed to help create the most basic forms of alien life.

This latest find suggests that a similar chain of events could have taken place on Mars – similar to how they have developed here on Earth.

NASA themselves have even claimed that the find could mean that Mars is the “possible cradle of life.” Meaning that the existence of our lives and extraterrestrial lives could have originated from the iconic Red world.

Life on Mars

For many years, alien hunters have theorized that Mars was home, or is still home, to an extraterrestrial form of life. An alien form that is far superior to our own. Eagle-eyed conspiracy theorists have even claimed to have found structures on the face of Mars, which are not formed naturally over time. This suggests an intelligent form of extraterrestrial life is living on the planet.

However, no definitive evidence proves this theory.

This latest NASA news discovery on the Red rock doesn’t categorically prove any existence of life developing on a neighboring world. But it can help us understand how we came into being.

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NASA news Mars discovery

NASA state the evidence does not point to life on Mars evolving. But can help us discover what type of environment is needed to form life.

However, NASA also claims that the flow of volcanic hot water on the red planet was occurring around the same time that life began to develop on our own world. Therefore, the chance of two forms of life being developed on two different planets in the same solar system is a probability.

Currently, no water and no volcanic activity is present on Mars.

NASA’s current estimation for when the ocean exsisted on Mars is about 3.7 billion years ago.

Water on Mars

Water diagram of the ocean on Mars that existed 3.7 years ago. Image credit: Mirror.

Some scientists theorize that life on earth actually originated from Mars. They claim that life was developing on Mars when an asteroid hit the surface of the plant causing pieces of the planet to shoot of into space and crash into earth. Which resulted in the spreading of the ‘seed of life’ on our planet.


Are aliens real

So much alien news pops up on the internet, it is hard to distinguish between what is real and what is fake.

But regardless, the search for extraterrestrial life is still in the hands of those who dream to go where no human has gone before.

Strange signals from distant galaxy

Alien news: are aliens real? Strange signals from distant galaxy might suggest this to be true.

Stephen Hawking and a team of scientists are currently searching for radio signals that may have originated from an alien race (the Breakthrough Listen project). Last month they detected a strange radio signal, which they suspect to have been from a UFO. The frequency of the radio signal seems to be orderly instead of random, which may suggest thought behind the transmission.

Currently, scientists and astronomers are carrying out further research.

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