Extraterrestrial Life Possible In TRAPPIST-1 System

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NASA scientists discovered that extraterrestrial life is possible in the newly discovered TRAPPIST 1 system.

It is also claimed that some planets within the TRAPPIST-1 system may be home to space-traveling extraterrestrials.

Trappist 1 system

Trappist 1 system – Extraterrestrial life may be possible.

A recent paper published by scientists from Harvard Princeton states that there are in fact seven planets in the distant galaxy that are roughly the same size as our own world, and may have atmospheres to sustain extraterrestrial life.

The TRAPPIST-1 system is 39.6 light years away from Earth, and is one of the few star systems believed to be capable of developing an advanced form of extraterrestrial being.

The publish paper says that the fact that the planets have been able to sustain an atmosphere for such a long time increases the possibility for them to develop life. Scientists claim that a planet sustaining an atmosphere for thousands of years is a must if life was to thrive and evolve.

The star system planets have been found to be capable of sustaining their atmospheres for billions of years.


Extraterrestrial life

Most planetary systems lose their atmosphere due to solar winds, wiping out any developing form of extraterrestrial form.

It is suggested that Earth’s closest neighbor, Mars, was once a flourishing planet like our own with possible alien life, but the atmosphere was destroyed due to solar winds. However, there are those who still believe that alien life exists on the Red Planet.

As far as NASA is concerned, Mars is a barren planet incapable of supporting alien development.

Trappist 1 system

Distant solar system may contain extraterrestrial beings. Image credit: ExoplanetsNASA.

The distant star system, TRAPPIST-1, is believed to have been protected from solar winds, meaning the atmosphere of the planets remains in tact.

There is also a strange theory that aliens from the planets may have used comets or asteroids to travel between planets.

On the other hand, it is not actually possible to 100% know if the solar system contains extraterrestrials.

Regardless of the intriguing results, it is best not to jump to any conclusions about the distant worlds.

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NASA Alien news

It has been announced that NASA is already in the early stages of preparing a mission to a planet in a different solar system.

The government of the United States of America has challenged space exploration agency to develop a method of propelling a shuttle at a minimum of 10% of light speed. There is also a challenge to reach the closest star to our own sun, the Alpha Centauri star.


NASA alien news. Are aliens real?

More recently, NASA were brought into the spotlight after finally responding to claims of covering up the existence of alien life.

For a long time the US space agency would usually ignore such claims of an alien cover up, but in a recent Q&A they replied to such claims.

When asked if NASA will admit the existence of extraterrestrials, Paul Hertz replied;

“The only life we know about is on Earth. NASA is always looking for life out there, and when we find it, we will tell you.”

However, this response was not sufficient for those who believe in an alien conspiracy cover up.

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