Man Made Ancient Structure Found in Antarctica

As Antarctic ice melts it reveals much of the wonders of the continent. Now, experts claim to have spotted an ancient man-made structure.

The continuing melting polar ice caps have revealed a mysterious possible ancient structure that may indicate a civilization once inhabited this frozen landscape. But, was the civilization man or extraterrestrial?

Experts researching the area believe that the NASA satellite images that depict geometric structure could propose a theory of an ancient civilization living in the South Pole.

The ancient structures are still buried beneath 2.3km of ice. But, could the use of sonic detection have discovered a new ancient civilization?

It was previously believed that humans had never settled in such a remote region of the planet, which may indicate why some skeptics believe this to be an abandoned ancient alien base.

Either way, it seems as though there are intentional markings within the snow that indicate to a manufactured structure.

ancient aliens

Alien news: ancient aliens once lived in the South Pole? Image credit: Express.

Ancient Structure

Ashoka Tripathi, an archaeologist for the University of Calcutta, is convinced that the newly discovered images are proof of an ancient human-civilization.

He claims the features are structural and indicate that something man-made sits beneath the snow. Possibly pyramids! He continues to point out that there is nothing here that can be explained by natural causes. Therefore, the only explanation is that an ancient human civilization constructed these structures.

However, as of yet, it is improbable to carry out a full investigation and excavation of the area.

Mr. Tripathi continues to say that it is easy for modern knowledge to underestimate the capability of our previous ancestors.

Experts theorized that the South Antarctic was not a frozen barren landmass as we know it today. Another tie in with the Ancient Aliens theory – that extraterrestrial life visited our planet and helped develop our ancient civilizations.

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A map called the Piri Reis, that accurately depicts certain landmasses – including the Antarctic – may help unravel this mystery.

The map, which dates back to the 1500s, was put together by a variety of sources – some say even Christopher Columbus had an input to the map’s creation.

Piri Reis map

Alien news: The Piri Reis map may help solve the ancient alien theory. Image credit: Express.

Some experts believe Turkish admiral Piri Reis was the owner of the map. Hence the current name of the artifact.

One of the strangest things about the map – despite its incredibly accurate layout – is the inclusion of the South Pole, which was not discovered until 1773! Many people question as to how knowledge of landmass that would not be discovered for another 200 years could be included on the Piri Reis map.

A lot of mystery surrounds the 14th Century map and many believe aliens could have had a role to play in its creation.

More perplexing is that the map shows the South Pole to be ice free – something which experts say could not have been the case at the time. They estimate that the last time the Antarctic was free of ice and snow would have been around 4,000 BC.

So how could it have possibly been mapped like this? The mystery still remains unsolved.

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