MUFON Looking For Witnesses To CIA Creature Experiment

The Mutual UFO Network (MUFON) are looking for witnesses to a creature experiment from 1981 which may have been an extraterrestrial being.

The worlds largest UFO research organization are currently asking for eyewitness accounts of a government experiment in high schools more than 30 years ago.

The event took place in 1981 and involved high school students from U.C. Berkeley area in Northern California. Apparently, the officials showed the students a caged creature. The description sounds like a grey alien.

One witness has already come forward to tell their horrifying story, and MUFON is now looking for more individuals who may have shared the same experience to step forward and validate the claims.

grey alien

Creature experiment on MUFON could possibly be an extraterrestrial.

In accordance with the unnamed witness, they were one of two students selected from their high school to take part in the top secret government experiment. It is said that other pairs from other schools were also selected – one boy, one girl. Currently, we do not know why these individuals got picked.

See the MUFON creature experiment article for greater details.

According to the anonymous witness the U.S Federal Government controlled the whole situation at Berkeley campus. The typical ‘men-in-black‘ type fed the children and housed them during their seven-day stay.

Extraterrestrial Experiment

During their stay, the students had to perform in a number of different and strange tasks.

Government officials forced the children to do telekinesis and remote viewing tests. However, the Officials saved the most shocking aspect of the story for the final day.

alien in a cage

Scenario of possible alien creature in a cage.

Students had instructions to gather in the auditorium room for a special presentation. Furthermore, the agents informed the students the presentation may scare them. However, the agents also advised the children not to leave the room, which had guards blocking the doors.

Military personnel pushed a cage into the room. A strange creature was within the cage.

The creature, which when described by the witness may have resembled a grey alien, sat in the cage. It appeared weak. The children reacted in a variety of ways – some screamed, some seemed interested.

However, at the end of the experiment, the high school teens had orders not to speak about the events that took place or else their “families would disappear.

To ensure that witnesses who were not there don’t step forward, MUFON has excluded two details from the story. So, for more details check out the MUFON Alien News website.


Recent Alien News

A bizarre video, allegedly from the KGB, shows a captured alien in an underground bunker.

Could the video show legitimate evidence of extraterrestrial life being real?

KGB alien

A YouTube video shows a captured alien. Is it real or fake?

Apparently, in accordance with the video, the alien of unknown origin was captured by the Russian military when its UFO crash landed here on Earth.

Relating this recent alien news to the video, the story goes that the KGB agent was asked to film a top secret investigation. Once upon the destination, the agent was accompanied inside an underground bunker.

Furthermore, many doors within the bunker were locked and noises that the agent could not identify were coming from the other side. Could it have been the noises of more extraterrestrials?

Extraterrestrial Origin

After being led to the area in which the alien was being kept hostage, other KGB agents put on protective gear. However, they assured the agent he/she was not in danger and that it was a precautionary action.

The agent then entered the room and informed UFO Today that the extraterrestrial being was communication to him with telepathy.

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