Report Proves Alien Life On Mars Cover UP

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A scientist’s report proves alien life on Mars cover up by NASA. Are aliens real, and has NASA been covering up the truth?

Dr Barry DiGregorio is due to release a groundbreaking report that proves NASA’s Curiosity mission on Mars has evidence of alien life on the red planet.

alien life on mars

Has NASA been hiding evidence of alien life on Mars? Image credit: Telegraph.

Dr DiGregorio says that the unmanned mission exploring our neighboring planet has found trace fossils. But rather than investigate the supposed findings, NASA ignored the probable evidence of alien life and moved onto another area of investigation.

He is a scientist from the University of Buckingham, and has studied trace fossils like Ordovician here on Earth. With his expertise in the field, he is confident that what NASA has found is more proof of alien life on Mars.

A discovery of trace fossils on the red rock is a vitally important discovery as it shows “soft bodied creatures” once wandered around the surface of the planet.

Trace fossils are left over remains of living organisms that once roamed the surface world. They can range from footprints to burrows, borings to feeding marks.

The scientist goes on to say that NASA is fully aware of beings once living on the planet, but are covering it up due to their plan to send a manned mission to the planet in 2030.

Mars trace fossils

Alien news: Trace fossils found on Mars prove existence of alien life. Photo credit: Daily Star.

In an interview, Dr DiGregorio already states that NASA knows about the fossils but has simply dismissed the evidence to the general public. He says this is an amazing breakthrough because nothing like this has ever been discovered on Mars before.

However, instead of NASA analyzing the data they moved onto another area and ignored the possible fossils. For DiGregorio, this is enough of a hint to show NASA does not want the proof of alien life on Mars to be released to our world.



With the help of Elon Musk, NASA hope to send a team to Mars by 2030.

The aim of the collaboration is to build a sustainable living environment on the closest planet to our own. However, prior to this date, a cargo mission will be sent as initial supplies for the future missions.

NASA alien Mars

Alien news: Has NASA been covering up alien life on Mars?

Elon Musk has recently been in the alien news media for his latest rocket launch. The man, who believes in extraterrestrial beings, sent his own car up into space.

Many believed that they saw evidence of a UFO in the Falcon Heavy space launch, but it turned out to just be debris from the actual launched mission.


Are aliens real

Are aliens real and has NASA been covering up the truth about extraterrestrial life on Mars?

In previous NASA related news, the space agency confirmed that the possibility of life developing on our neighbor planet was possible.

A team of NASA scientists had uncovered what appeared to be an extremely old volcano that was once submerged under an ocean of water. The NASA news team state this key detail could have helped alien life on Mars to develop.

Aliens Mars

Alien life on Mars could have thrived with evidence in new NASA photos.

The volcano vent-like structures are a huge indication that aliens could have evolved on the planet, as many scientists theorize that similar structures here on earth helped in the development of life forms. The constant release of hot water and chemicals are what is needed to help create the most basic forms of alien life.

NASA themselves have even claimed that the find could mean that Mars is the “possible cradle of life.” Meaning that the existence of our lives and extraterrestrial lives could have originated from the iconic Red world.

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