NASA Image Proves Extraterrestrial Life On Mars

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A NASA image of a massive underground cave entrance on Mars might hint at extraterrestrial life on the planet.

Conspiracy theorists claim that a new photo of the Red planet released by NASA may be evidence of life on Mars.

Pit on Mars

Alien news: Are these craters proof of alien interconnecting caves?

Does this cave pit on Mars show the entrance of an extraterrestrial base?

Many people believe there are aliens living on Mars and the Moon, and are convinced we are not the only form of intelligent life in the universe, let alone our own solar system. However, NASA denies any reports of alien life existing.

The evidence of water being conserved underneath the Mar’s surface has only fueled speculation that an alien civilization is living beneath the heat on the barren celestial body. But, is this just wishful thinking?

Conspiracy YouTube channel Mars Alive suggests these images are proof of intelligent life on the planet. Furthermore they claim that NASA is covering the truth about an alien life form.

See the video below for the latest alien news story of alien life on Mars.

Extraterrestrial life on Mars:

The video points out an image that appears to show a cave entrance running underneath the Martian surface.

The author of the video says there is evidence of structural wholes within the crater that indicate they were put there by an intelligent form of life.

He says: “The reason why I think these are entrances is that you can almost see the dark areas there that could have been areas where these beings walk from one entrance to the other.

The Martian crater is estimated as being 77 meters wide, with an entrance within the crater being 30 meters.

Furthermore, many viewers of the new discovery are convinced this helps prove there are aliens on Mars.

Mars crater

Alien news: extraterrestrial entrance discovered inside Martian crater. A source from YouTube channel.

Currently, NASA denies any claims of alien life existing on the scorching planet. Their Mars Rover has not yet detected any signs of extraterrestrial life – intelligent or microbial.

So, could this image actually show the entrance to an underground alien civilization, or is it just optical illusions and poor image quality as skeptics would have you believe?

So, please feel free to leave your own thoughts and opinions in a comment below.


Recent proof of aliens on Mars

An ‘alien face’ on Mars that NASA called the Chryse Alien is reigniting the theory that the US space agency knows about the existence of extraterrestrial life.

However, NASA maintains the stance that life on Mars does not exist.


Alien news: Are aliens real on Mars? NASA reveals a new image.

NASA says a meteorite impact and erosion caused the abnormal appearance of the crater. They confirm that it does not indicate life on Mars.

However, alien conspiracy theorists are not convinced by this simple explanation and are adamant that this is another hint of a Martian extraterrestrial being living on our neighboring planet.

Scott C Waring, a top researcher in UFO and alien phenomenon, insists that this could, in fact, be a rock caving by the Martian race. He says this would mirror the same habits of ancient human civilizations in which they would create and carve human-like faces in hillsides and rocks.

NASA actually released this image 13 years ago in 2005, but it seems to have gone under the radar for a large portion of its existence.

NASA released the Chryse Alien photograph on the 26th Jan 2003.

Mr. Warning says on his blog: “This crater on Mars is called the ‘Chryse Alien’. Yeah, you heard me right. NASA named it after an alien!”

He goes onto say that the ‘alien face carving’ is 350 meters by 400 meters. Furthermore, he is convinced that more precise measurements prove this could not have occurred with natural events, as NASA explains.

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The UFO researcher goes on to say that the ‘eyes’ of the Chryse Alien are 250 meters long. They are also perfectly matched in size and width.

Mr. Warning is not alone in believing that an alien race once lived, or still live, on the red planet, and that NASA and other leading governing bodies of the world knowingly cover up their existence.

Alien face Mars

Alien news: Alien face found on Mars by NASA.

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