Proof Of Extraterrestrial DNA In Our Blood

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According to a new claim, the proof of extraterrestrial DNA in our blood is evidence of the Ancient Alien theory.

It is said that people with a specific subcategory of blood could be the descendant offspring of extraterrestrial life.

Every human on the planet either has O, A, B, or AB type blood. However, a subcategory of Rh positive and negative have caused a lot of speculation as to whether we are descendants of an ancient alien race.

The Rh levels in your blood refer to the Rhesus factor. This aids in the development of an antigen in the blood system. Having this antigen makes you Rh positive, and not having it means you are Rh negative.

Around 85 percent of the human population is Rh positive, with the remaining 15 percent Rh negative.

Alien news: Is there proof of extraterrestrial DNA in our blood? Image credit: Ancient Code.

These 15 percent of people are believed to be generation offspring of alien life. Lara Starr, a researcher, claims that if all humans truly evolved from primate beings then we would all have the same blood.

No other animal species has a blood type that can contaminate their own.

She wrote an article in the ‘The Spirit Science’. She stated that any population can only inherit genetics from their ancestors unless there was mutation involved.

If  modern human and ape had evolved from an ancient common ancestor, then “their blood would have evolved in the same way.

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She went on to say: “Blood factors are transmitted with much more exactitude than any other characteristic. All other earthly primates also have this Rh factor.

We would all have the same matching blood if we had a common ancestor in the distant past – but that is not the case.

The research behind this went onto list some traits of the Rh negative blood type. The 15% of the population that have this blood type shows signs of having an IQ level higher than normal, their body temperature is lower, their vision is sensitive and blood pressure is usually higher.

Also, a woman with Rh-negative blood is unable to mother the child from a father with Rh-positive blood. Studies show that children fathered by Rh positive and mothered by Rh negative blood types will form Haemolytic disease.

This is because her blood cells form antibodies to fight the alien substance/virus, effectively attacking the infant and destroying it.

alien dna

Alien news: claims of extraterrestrial DNA in our blood. Sourced from: Ancient Code.

However, other scientists and researchers dismiss the possible extraterrestrial connection. They simply state that the Rh negative form is just a byproduct of human evolution.


Extraterrestrial DNA

A scientific website that reviewed the data and analysis of Lara Starr says that it only shows an evolutionary advantage to humans who do not have the Rh effect in their blood.

It goes onto say that those who have this formation in their blood are less likely to be exposed to diseases like malaria.

However, believers in the Ancient Alien theory are still convinced that thousands of years ago the civilization on earth was given a ‘jump start’ in evolution by an extraterrestrial race.

For many years researchers in the Ancient Alien theory such as Zecharia Sitchin, Giorgio Tsoukalos, Erich von Däniken, and others have looked into the past to prove ancient civilizations were visited and helped by an alien life form.

Ancient alien DNA

Ancient alien DNA. Image credit: Pinterest.

With this in mind, many people are starting to think that the answer to the theory does not only lie in the stories, monuments, carvings and texts of the past, but rather within us.

As our advancements in DNA grow, some are certain that the missing link to human evolution will actually be found within. After all, if God made man in his own image, and by God we mean alien, then genetic mutation certainly is the way in which this process would have occurred.

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