Roswell Fake Alien Autopsy Based On Real Alien Examination

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Roswell alien autopsy based on real UFO alien examination. The U.S military used and dissected the alien bodies recovered from the crashed UFO.

It has been shockingly claimed that the fake Roswell alien autopsy that fooled the world in 1995 was actually based on real footage of an alien postmortem body!

The faked footage appeared after the apparent events of a crashed UFO in Roswell, New Mexico, and has gone down in history as one of the biggest UFO/alien cover up conspiracies ever created.

Roswell Alien Autopsy

Roswell Alien Autopsy is based on actual footage of a real alien autopsy

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Ray Santilli, a British businessman, was responsible for the distribution of the hoax alien autopsy over 20 years ago. But claims that the footage shown in the hoax is based on real-life events of an alien autopsy.

Santilli claims the alien footage is genuine and that he and his team “restored and recreated” certain aspects of the film.

He states that not everyone involved with the recreation of the footage was aware that it was rooted from a genuine postmortem of an alien body.

Ever since the Roswell incident, UFO hunters have been chomping at the bit to seek out evidence that the U.S military took part in the worlds biggest UFO cover up. The video was meant to be the stone-cold evidence that they needed. However, the credibility of the video itself was brought into questioning. If Santilli and his team were able to recreate points of the supposed real footage, then they could have hoaxed the whole thing.

Skeptic exposed the video as a complete hoax. Later Santilli confirmed that he recorded it in a London flat. Santilli states the recreation of his film was based on genuine events of a real filmed alien autopsy, which he has seen, but has not revealed publicly.


Roswell UFO crash

The Roswell UFO incident is probably the most famous UFO story in recent history, largely due to the role that the military had to play in the cover up.

In July 1947, a reported UFO crashed within the Roswell New Mexico desert, with even the U.S military at the time stating visual confirmation had been made. However, in the days that followed the U.S Military changed their story. Instead of a crashed UFO, apparently, military personnel discovered a weather balloon. It seems strange that trained army officers cannot distinguish the difference between a weather balloon and an alien UFO.

Reports from eye witnesses claim that what they saw was in fact a crashed alien UFO, with extraterrestrial bodies around it – some dead, and some severely injured. Some of these claims have also come from high ranking U.S military officials, who claim that the Roswell incident has been covered up and swept under the rug.

Roswell Daily Record newpaper

A newspaper from Roswell confirms that RAAF got their hands on a crashed UFO.

UFO crash

When Santilli released the footage to the world, many people believed the truth behind it. But later he confirmed he staged and faked the entire thing. This came as a huge blow to alien hunters and truth seekers. However, Santilli remains adamant about a genuine film real of an alien autopsy. One which he used to create his own film.

Gareth Watson, who played the doctor that observed the procedure in the hoaxed video, says that the video they made was a ‘recreation‘ of real events and not a hoax.

Military officials have likely locked away the evidence of the Roswell UFO crash. With the intention for it to never see the light of day again.

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