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Time traveler says an alien attack will happen in 2018. Are aliens real, proof aliens are real in 2018 alien attack.

Are aliens real? An alleged time traveler from the year 2048 has shockingly claimed that planet Earth will come under attack from an alien race in 2018!

bryant johnson time traveler

Bryant Johnson (left) claims an alien attack will occur in 2018.


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Could the accounts of a time traveler answer the question are aliens real?

Bryant Johnson, who was arrested by police in Casper, Wyoming, on Monday night, claims to be from the year 2048 and says he is on a mission to warn humanity about an upcoming alien invasion next year.

Johnson had apparently requested a meeting with the ‘president’ of the town, to warn him about the forthcoming alien attack. He states that people should start leaving as quickly as possible.

The town of Casper in Wyoming is usually a quiet and peaceful place. Not a lot happens there, until recently.

Police officials took the self-proclaimed time traveler to the station. They stated that Casper had an increased amount of alcohol in his system. However, Casper states that aliens from the year 2048 filled his body with alcohol to enable him to time travel and be sent back. But, things did not go as expected. Because he was meant to arrive in the year 2018, not 2017. Regardless, Johnson claims he is still here to help humanity about the attack in the future.

So, when can we expect and prepare for an alien attack in 2018?

Johnson cannot provide any specific date but does state that alcohol is the secret to unlock time travel. Convenient.

The police revealed the man had an alcohol blood level of .136, which isn’t particularly high, and may suggest that aliens gave him light beers to enable his time traveling abilities. The drunken man also claimed that aliens placed him onto a giant pad before being transported back in time.

Nevertheless, the police officers did not believe the man’s stories and claims, and so arrested him for being drunk.

With so many reported UFO sightings popping up lately, one could become paranoid that the increased UFO activity could indicate an oncoming alien invasion. But, can we take this alien news from a drunk man seriously? Only 2018 will show the answer.

Are aliens real

A question that has been asked time and time again, are aliens real?

If Johnson’s alien news story is to be taken as truth, then he could hold the key to discovering the truth if aliens are real.

His accounts of the future could hold the evidence we need to understand exactly what an extraterrestrial race would want from our planet. Also, his alien news story shows there must be good aliens within our cosmos. Johnson himself has said that it was aliens who drugged him with alcohol to enable him to go back in time and warn our civilization. Why would aliens try to prevent an alien attack?

are aliens real

Will next year be the year we discover the truth about extraterrestrials? Image credit: New York Post

Perhaps there is something much larger going on within the furthest reaches of our universe. Maybe a galactic war will be brought to our doorstep by an alien race and we must decide which side we are one.

Or, more likely, this alien news story is just a hallucination of his vivid imagination brought on by the alcohol in his body.

For facts and evidence into are aliens real, click here.

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