US Plans An Alien Invasion According To Theory

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The US alien invasion plan is aimed at gaining worldwide dominance claims shocking UFO theory.

It is said that the United States of America is preparing a fake alien invasion to convince people the country should invest in the military.

US alien invasion plan

UFO News: US alien invasion plan.

Alien conspiracy theorists are convinced that elite officials in the U.S are working in conjunction with NASA and certain news feed outlets to prepare the world before they pull the trigger on their alien invasion plan.

This has been theorized for a long time, but really picked up momentum when the New York Times published an article stating that the Pentagon has a $22 million program dedicated to the investigation of UFO’s.

Around the same time NASA released claims that an interstellar asteroid had entered our solar system – this was the first time a foreign cosmic object had been detected within our own home.

It is now thought that a ‘False Flag’ operation may be in the minds of the US government to kick start a heavy investment into the military program.

Is is possible that media related activity and NASA announcements are coordinated by the government?

A ‘False Flag’ operation is a recognized military drill in which you fake an attack on yourself and blame an enemy to gain support to then attack said enemy. There are those who believe the events of 9/11 were a false flag operation in order to gain support to invade the Middle-East.

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Recent UFO news

An alleged UFO crash site that can be seen from Google Earth is being investigated. The truth has been revealed!

Videos and images of a suspected UFO sighting on an island near the Atlantic have caused widespread belief that a UFO has crashed on the remote island.

Using Google Earth to zoom in on South Georgia Island near the South Atlantic, it appears as though a cigar-shaped object has crashed into the mountain and slide across the snow covered floor.

ufo crash

Alien news: UFO crash site truth revealed!

The images were discovered over the weekend and  have quickly been a topic of discussion for alien believers.

It would appear that the currently unidentified object slid across the ground for around 1,000 meters before grinding to a halt.

The mysterious object is within range of the 10,000ft tall mountain called Mount Paget, and some ufologists claim to see damage to the side of the mountain – giving clear evidence that this object was sky born before crashing to earth.

It has often been speculated that the South Atlantic is a secret alien base here on planet earth. So could this be new found evidence to suggest these claims are true?

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