Why Aliens Have To Exist

Alien news

Are aliens real? Here is the alien evidence to suggest aliens are real and exist in the universe. Are aliens real or not?

For decades people have debated the existence of alien beings, so we will be looking closely to determine if aliens are real or not.

Statistics and probability are the first indicators that suggest the existence of alien life is highly probable.

The universe is roughly 13.7 billions years old – with modern-day humans evolving some 200,000 years ago – so it is logical to assume that the human species cannot be the only life form to develop within this time.

Are aliens real

Alien news: Why aliens have to be real.

With an estimated 10 trillion galaxies inside our universe, calculations have evaluated there is about 1,000,000,000,000,000,000,000,000 (a 1 with 24 ‘zeros’ after it) planets in the sky. If you look at the numbers, it is clear that the possibility of life only evolving on Earth is extremely unlikely. Therefore, we must be open-minded to the idea that life also exists outside of our own planet.

But, could it be possible for aliens to have visited planet Earth?

If it was possible to travel at the speed of light, it would take an estimated 60 million years to explore the whole galaxy. Could an advanced alien civilization – let’s say 3 billion years ago, have been able to do this?

The data suggests it is possible over a very long time, but it all comes down to your own personal belief.

And for every argument in favor of extraterrestrial life, there is an opposing reality.

Are aliens real

Our solar system and the environment created within it is very unique and special. Although there are a countless number of stars and planets in the skies above – with many of these having been examined and researched – no alien life has been found.

These figures currently tell us that we are alone in the universe. However, no other evolutionary form has yet been discovered.

Are aliens real

Are aliens real? Was a human-alien deal made after the events of Roswell 1947?

So we must conclude that aliens don’t exist. We can see that from all the ongoing space exploration nothing has been uncovered to prove otherwise.

Many planets or either too close or too far from the sun to develop life or they do not have enough elements to build a sustainable atmosphere to protect the existence on the planet from solar blasts.

Therefore, we must accept the fact that our planet is the only one to exhibit life.

UFO sightings

There are always records of recent UFO sightings and alien photos, but as of yet, no definitive extraterrestrial evidence has been made public.

Some may point to this as proof that there is an ongoing conspiracy to hide the truth about alien life from the general public. Or it could simply mean we are alone in the universe.

NASA is usually the turn to victim when it comes to pointing the finger at a conspiracy cover-up. Because officially they have not found any evidence to indicate life exists outside of our own world.

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