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Alien news

Aliens in UFO’s prevented the happening of a nuclear WW3 by remotely turning of the U.S and Russian warheads.

An expert has claimed that the interference of an extraterrestrial race stopped WW3 from happening between the two powers of the world.

aliens ww3

Aliens prevented WW3. Aliens in UFO.

Creator of the Paradigm Research Group (PRG), Steve Basset is one of the most well-known and dedicated UFO truth seekers residing in the United States of America. He is also the only registered campaigner on the “disclosure project” living in the U.S.

Like so many other alien conspiracy theorists, Mr Basset believes the governments of the world are secretly in talks with alien life, and are keeping this at arms length from the general public.

He also believes that Russian President Vladimir Putin is more likely to reveal the truth about aliens than current U.S President Donald Trump.

During an interview, the PRG founder claimed there is almost an unlimited supply of witnesses that have seen UFO’s hovering around U.S and Russian nuclear facilities.

On top of this, he also revealed his main concern at why “aliens are on Earth.”



This is not the first time that alien news stories have claimed extraterrestrials are interested/worried about our use of nuclear power.

Many feel that their interference with nuclear weapons shows a concern for our kind.


Aliens in UFO

Steve Basset states that there is evidence of alien tampering to weapons of mass destruction as early as the 1960’s.

However, the mainstream media would not showcase such UFO news stories to the world. With so much evidence, he is surprised at how big the alien and UFO cover up is.

Mr Basset says that once the warheads have been disabled by a UFO, it is impossible for a military personnel to turn them back on again until the alien UFO leaves. And this is not just an alien UFO news story – Basset says there are testimonies and eye witness accounts from people with top level military security.

Steve-Bassett UFO

Alien news: Steve Basset believes aliens in UFO are responsible for the prevention of another World War. Image credit: LNM Raido Network.

Another incident, which Basset claims is a lot more frightening, occurred in Russia. An undisclosed nuclear facility began to activate all of its warheads – with none of the personnel responsible for the activation process. However, at the very last minute there was a UFO sighting at the base, and all of a sudden the facility’s missiles shut down.

He speculated to the reason why aliens are interfering with such weapons:

Why do you have these weapons – you want to engage in the galaxy if there is something out there do you think other civilisations, who already have interstellar travel, would let you bring these weapons into space – that is not going to happen – if you use them on each other you are done

More alien news.

As already mentioned, Bassets claims are not of a single voice. Thousands, if not millions, of people across the globe also believe that aliens are tampering with our life.


UFO news

The U.S Pentagon has proof of UFO and alien existence.

Recently, a video of a UFO filmed by the Pentagon emerged online showing some incredible maneuvers that defied the laws of physics.

Many saw this is undeniable proof of the existence of alien life, however, some are more skeptical about the agenda of the U.S Government.


UFO News: UFO filmed by the pentagon shows maneuvers that break the laws of physics

UFO conspiracy theorists enjoyed a historic journey to the truth after the Department of Defense released details that it had been running secret investigations into the possible threat of UFO’s up until 2012.

UFO video footage, which was filmed by a pilot in the US Navy, showing a flying UFO that seemed to defy the laws of physics. This UFO sightings video lead to many to claim that aliens are on earth.

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