NASA Release Photos Of Aliens

NASA images seem to show a humanoid statue buried in Martian sand have sent alien hunters into a frenzy. They claim it is clear evidence that extraterrestrials once lived on the now barren world.

Could this be proof of aliens on Mars? Are these alien sightings finally the breakthrough to our true origin?

Those who have seen the image, which was taken by NASA‘s Mars rover, claim it depicts a humanoid statue on the Red Planet. If true, this would suggest alien life on Mars could have been a factual event.

The NASA photograph was discovered by Scott C Waring. He firmly believes there is a “being” within the seemingly empty desert of Mars.

He goes on to say that a very unusually shaped rock is too bizarre to ignore. The rock in question appears to resemble the humanoid shape of an extraterrestrial being.

Mr. Waring is well known for his conspiracy theories and claims to have amassed a vast collection of images from NASA data that show various other statues.

Lioness Statue Head Discovered On Mars

Life on Mars

This image may show a lion statue on the Martian surface.

Is this all proof of alien life once thriving on our neighboring planet?

Skeptics say it is nothing more than a coincidence. An illusion and trick of the light. However, conspiracy theorists are adamant there are too many ‘coincidences’ on the Martian surface to simply ignore them.

Many people have come across the image Mr. Waring claims is of a being. The view of this alien sighting ranges from full-on belief in what he is saying to statements calling him crazy for claiming there were aliens on Mars.

Take a closer look at the images below and decide for yourself.

Alien life found in Mars image

aliens on mars

This image shows what conspiracy theorists have claimed to be a human-shaped being walking on the Martian surface. Image credit: Express.

NASA’s Spirit rover Sol 023 took the photograph in November 2006.

Of course, the rock in question does have a strange look to it in comparison to the surrounding area. However, is it a leap too far to claim this is an alien statue poking out of the ground?

From this angle, and with the lighting, yes, the rock appears to have a human-like appearance to it. With this in mind, could it just be another case of Pareidolia? Pareidolia is the way in which an image tricks the brain – with use of light and angles – to see something relatable to us.

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Therefore, for humanity to get to the bottom of such outrageous claims we must have manned missions to Mars.

In the upcoming years, this is exactly the plan. So, what will we find when we finally step foot on our neighboring planet? Will there be physical alien sightings? Will we discover the truth of alien life on Mars?

Though, only the future can answer such questions.

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