Are Aliens Sabotaging Our Nuclear Weapons


Aliens are currently sabotaging the planets nuclear weapons, and have been tinkering with them for decades.

A conspiracy theory suggests alien UFO’s are intercepting many nuclear facilities because they do not trust us with these weapons.

Theories from conspiracists claim that the world’s governing bodies know of the existence of alien life.

Many alien sightings and UFO videos point to the indication of extraterrestrials. However, the government remains stuck on saying they do not exist.

It has even been recently revealed that the Pentagon has put together a 13-page report on a UFO encounter between something not of this world and U.S fighter jets.

Alien UFOs

Alien UFO sabotages a nuclear facility. Sourced from: Anomalien.

But now, a ufologist claims that aliens are preventing humanity from using nuclear power. It is stated that we are not to be trusted with such weapons of mass destruction.

Recent Alien News

In recent aliens news, the ufologists wrote about the theory on conspiracy website Alien Revelations. He indicates an interview between ex-US Air Force lieutenant Bob Jacobs and Larry King as evidence for extraterrestrial life.

Jacob’s states that after witnessing a UFO sighting at the Vandenberg Air Force Base, he was told to keep his mouth shut.

He was the first Officer to be awarded the insignia award for guided missiles within the Air Force.

During the evening of his UFO sightings, he went and told his higher-ranking officials “We got a UFO.” On the other hand, the superiors were not as excited as Jacob’s and told him that this never happened.

UFO Nuclear Weapons

UFO’s are sabotaging our nuclear weapons, says new conspiracy theory. Image credit: UFOSightingsHotspot.

In accordance with one theory, the UFO sightings seem to mainly occur around nuclear facilities. It is possible that aliens are trying to hinder our development and use of nuclear power. But why?

It has been suggested that we cannot be trusted with the use of such destructive weapons. Aliens fear that we will end our own lives with the use of these weapons if we decide to go to war with each other. On top of this, it is also believed that they will prevent us from bringing nuclear rockets into space. If we are capable of such destruction on our own planet, we have the capability to destroy another too.

More UFO News

Many former army U.S officials have come forward to state alien UFO’s have an interest in our nuclear weapons. Their reported UFO sightings in UFO news outlets always say that they somehow manage to deactivate the destructive power of the rockets.

However, NASA and the government cover up the existence of extraterrestrials. They deny such theories that UFO’s are destroying nuclear weapons before they enter space.

Below is a collection of UFO videos that shows UFO’s destroying nuclear missiles.

UFO video

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Alien News

Although it may seem some aliens are trying to look out for us, that doesn’t mean every alien civilization thinks the same.

There is evidence to suggest certain extraterrestrial beings are more hostile to humanity than others.

Evidence suggests there are at least three hostile extraterrestrial races visiting earth every day, each with their own agenda and mission here on our planet.

the greys

Alien news: The three most hostile alien races visiting humanity.

Many people believe we have been visited in the past by some sort of extraterrestrial being, to benefit the evolution of our ancient predecessors, however, what if their goal was not so beneficial to humanity?

The idea that ancient aliens visited our planet thousands of years ago to jump-start our evolution has captivated the minds of many over recent years. Now the belief that the ‘Gods‘ of ancient worlds may have been misinterpreted as extraterrestrial beings is starting to come to fruition.

The three most hostile alien races to have visited Earth are as follows:

  • The Annunaki
  • The Greys
  • The Reptilians

So, to find out more about these three hostile alien races, click this alien news link.

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