Ancient Aliens – New Discovery In Mexico Changes Everything

A whole host of newly discovered extraterrestrial architecture has been released in Mexico. The finds could be exponential and prove once and for all ancient aliens visited our early ancestors’ thousands of years ago.

These new ancient sculptures depict UFO’s, extraterrestrial humanoid entities, and mysterious texts, and have been the topic of much alien news discussion.

This ancient art appears to depict what many believe to be a human laying on a table surrounded by bizarre creatures with UFO’s in the sky.

The aliens appear reptilian. This may indicate the theory that alien astronauts visited our planet thousands of years ago and interfered with our evolutionary process. This ancient art discovered in Mexico certainly displays numerous unanswered anomalies.

Ancient art

Could this piece of ancient art be proof of the ancient alien theory?

Is it just a coincidence that ancient cultures from around the world recorded similar activities? From UFO sightings to alien abductions, our ancient ancestors spoke of visitors from another world. They always mentioned another race of beings that inhabited our planet long before mankind arose. Could these pieces of ancient art confirm popular conspiracy theories about extraterrestrial beings?

A video uploaded to YouTube discusses questions about the incredible artifacts discovered in Mexico.

Alien Contact in Mexico


Many Ufologists believe this is evidence that the ancient Mexican civilization documented extraterrestrial contact. Alien beings visited the ancient man and an alien intervention was underway. This is essentially the concept of the ancient alien’s theory.

However, there are those who question its authenticity. Due to the artifacts being in almost perfect condition after being discovered, many skeptics say that they cannot date back thousands of years ago.

Take a look at a few other ancient artifacts found in Mexico to see if you believe they could be in reference to alien extraterrestrial visitors.


The ancient alien artifact may demonstrate extraterrestrial life. Sourced.

So, could this ancient artifact show three aliens inside a UFO?


Alien figures displayed in ancient artifacts. YouTube image.


The bizarre artifact could tell the story of an alien intervention. YouTube imagery.

These artifacts are in the typical design style of ancient Mayan culture, which thrived in what is now called Mexico. They display strange figures that many have interpreted as evidence of aliens visiting our planet many thousands of years ago.

Furthermore, a number of other discoveries from Mexico show alien-like beings in astronaut suits and disc-shaped objects flying in the skies.

Extraterrestrial Life


Proof of aliens in the distant past. Sourced from AlienUFOSightings.

This ancient sculpture seems to depict a ritual happening. The beings in the art may be humanoid in structure, but certainly are not humans.

Many see these creatures as the typical “Grey aliens” and “Draconic aliens” from pop culture.

What exactly did our ancient ancestors see and hear? Has there been a cover-up about the truth of the history of mankind? Since we do not know the answer, we can only guess.

Recent Alien News

Michael Halsall, our own alien news writer, is currently asking the same questions. He is currently writing a book about the truth being a cover-up of extraterrestrial life called “You Can’t Spell ‘Alien’ Without ‘A Lie’“.

Not only is there clear evidence of the UFO phenomena, but there is an ever-growing amount of proof that aliens exist.


Just one of many ancient artifacts recently discovered in Mexico.

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