Ancient Books Prove The Ancient Alien Theory

The Ancient Alien Theory

The theory of ancient aliens, or ancient astronauts, can simply be described as the belief in extraterrestrial life being responsible for human existence. Many ufologists claim there is proof in our distant past of an ancient alien race visiting our planet. 

Experts have dug up a variety of evidence that builds a strong case for the ancient alien theory. From religious paintings, stories, architecture, objects, and various other aspects. Though, this alien news article will focus on the sacred texts of ancient civilizations.

It is worth noting that a lot of texts from the past speak vividly of extraterrestrial beings visiting our world. Humans have called them by a variety of names during the course of human history, gods, angels, watchers, archons, and many more. Even in the Bible, which is a sacred religious book for three major religions, there are descriptions of beings not from this world. Yet, although some people believe the Bible as 100 percent truthful text, they do not accept the concept of aliens.

As many will see, the description for God and for alien are practically one of the same. Neither are living creatures of this planet. However, many place them in seperate categories.

Ancient Book

Ancient books describe alien abductions from beings, not of this world. Image credit: Ancient-Origins.

The first of such books, coming from one of the oldest and ancient of civilizations, is the Book of Enoch.

The Book of Enoch

Written by Enoch, who was the great-grandfather of Noah, the book of Enoch was written around the first century BC. However, many religious believers disregard the ancient texts and do not classify them as Biblical canon events.

Enoch wrote his collection of ancient manuscripts in the old Ethiopian language known as Ge’ez. It makes part of the Ethiopian Bible, which is the oldest Bible in existence. The accounts described in the book greatly challenge the normal thinking of Christian belief.

bookof enoch

The Book of Enoch speaks of wicked angels begetting children from the daughters of men. Sourced: Linkedin.

Aspects of the Book of Enoch that challenge the thinking of the common Bible are the introduction of evil angels. These, extraterrestrial by definition, beings had sex with the daughters of men. The birth of giants, also known as the Nephilim, was the outcome of these relations.

If we rationalize these angels as aliens capable of having their own personality like humans, instead of heavenly, divine, perfect beings, these actions become more recognizable. Imperfection like this still lies largely within the male human population, so therefore we can conclude that aliens may be as imperfect as we are here on Earth.

Other aspects of the book raise particularly strange questions to the true origin of humankind. It is certainly worth a read when you have time.

The Nag Hammadi Libary

The ancient texts commonly referred to as the Nag Hammadi texts are a very useful piece of information in proving aliens visited Earth thousands of years ago and our human ancestors recorded it. Discovered in Egypt, in 1945, it took another 30 years before the full translation was complete. Careful inspection of the translated manuscripts brings an interesting look of our past.

Many say the Nag Hammadi codices provide factual proof of the Archons. These beings of extraterrestrial origin, are described as what we might mistake for “The Greys” and “The Reptilians.”

Nag Hammadi

The Nag Hammadi codices are some of the oldest codices that describe the modern day description of aliens. Image from YouTube.

Mike Halsall, who is writing a book on the esoteric cover-up of alien life called “You can’t spell ‘alien’ without ‘a lie‘”, has spent a lot of his time carefully reading through this ancient alien proof. He states that the ancient codices certainly describe the Archons as extraterrestrial – having been created/born of pure matter and have no gender. They came from the dark space that was created in the space between the ‘higher world’ (where the eternal or true Gods live) and the lower realms (our world).

Some experts consider the Nag Hammadi as a ‘first draft’ for the Bible since they tell the same tales. However, the tales told in these ancient scripts tell the story from a different point of view. Those who read the text say that the Archons are the evil nature. And the ‘snake’ that is portrayed as bad in the Bible, is actually of good nature.

These ancient texts are of great interest to anyone who has an interest in gaining their own understanding of the ancient alien theory. There are many other ancient books that support the Ancient Alien theory.

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