What Archaeologists Discovered When They Opened The 8.6 Foot Sarcophagus

The massive granite sarcophagus that was recently discovered in Alexandria, Egypt a couple of days ago has finally been opened!

Archaeologists were hoping to find the remains of a Nobleman, however, their discovery was a lot more extraterrestrial!

The black granite sarcophagus discovered recently this week had remained sealed for 2,000 years. And, despite certain protests to keep it that way, archaeologists opened the 8.6-foot coffin.

Many people took to social media to jokingly claim the find should not be opened. Referencing the iconic “The Mummy” films as the reason not to open it. Though, eager to figure out what was inside, experts decided to carefully open the sarcophagus.

Black granite sarcophagus

Black granite sarcophagus discovered in Egypt remained a mystery until now. Image credit: Fox News.

With no surprise, the sarcophagus in Alexandria did not have a curse on it. However, what they did find may shock you!

The traditionally cultural Egyptian coffin had the skeletal remains of not just one body, but three! Filthy sewage water surrounded the three carcasses.


Egyptian Sarcophagus

The black coffin had caused a big stir in alien news media outlets as people tried to guess what could have been inside such a thing.

However, the head of the Egyptian Ministry of Antiques Dr. Mostafa Waziry opened the find. With the help of Dr. Aiman Ashmawi, their team carefully removed the heavy black granite sarcophagus lid.

Alexandria Sarcophgus opened

Experts careful open up the sarcophagus. Image sourced from Luxor Times.

According to recent aliens news outlets, three skeletons and dirty sewage water filled the insides of the coffin.

A specialist in the discovery of mummies Shaban Abd Monem stated that initial findings suggest the skeletal remains “belong to 3 army officers.” He goes onto say that one of the skulls of the officers shows a heavy injury that was likely caused by an arrow.

So, although the Egyptian coffin did not contain the kind of find that archaeologists had hoped for, it has certainly given them something to study. But what will happen next?

Experts will take the skeletons away to further examination, study, and accurately date them. The sarcophagus will initially be restored to near perfect condition and then transported to a storeroom.


History of the black granite coffin

Nowadays a find like this in Egypt only turns up once in a life. This is the reason why there was so much buzz around a seemingly basic coffin.

People discovered the sarcophagus by accident. But this hasn’t stopped it becoming an interesting story.

Locals discovered the coffin 16 feet underground when clearing away space for new housing. After initial reports in many recent alien news stories, skeptics had hoped the body of Alexander the Great would be inside. Though, as we now know, this is not the case.

inside coffin

The insides of the Alexandria sarcophagus contain three skeletons. Image credit: LuxorTimes.

The mysterious sarcophagus had remained tightly sealed for almost 2,000 years before construction workers accidentally discovered it.

Usually, an Egyptian sarcophagus contained the body of one individual. Unlike common perception, coffins like these were not only used by the higher society of ancient Egypt. There are even reports of wild animals and pets having a ritualistic burial. On top of this, there are also other reports of more than one individual being stuffed into a single sarcophagus.

Recent Alien News

Studies of the three skeletons in the coming days will tell us a little bit more about what happened to them.

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