Astronomers Discover New Dimming Star

Astronomers from Chile have reported finding a new dimming star. They say the star even has a more peculiar dim to it than Tabbys star. They believe this new discovery shows more telltale signs of alien life creating a Dyson sphere around the star.

Astronomer Roberto Saito, who studied at the Federal University of Santa Catarina in Brazil, is a co-author of the study. During a recent publication in November of this year, Saito explains the team’s findings. They believe their discovery is similar to KIC 8462852 (Tabby’s star) which showed irregular light emitting patterns.

On the other hand, they are yet to rule out a natural explanation. As well as theorizing an advanced alien life form could be responsible for manufacturing a Dyson sphere around the star, they also postulate the star is a young stellar object. This would, therefore, allow for the possibility of clumps of dust to still orbit the celestial object.

However, the idea of an alien presence is more intriguing. The idea of an alien-made Dyson sphere harnessing the solar energy was received with great speculation back in 2015 when Tabby Boyajian put forward her theory.

Dyson sphere megastructure

Astronomers discover new dimming star more bizarre than Tabby. Image source.

The name of the star discovered is VVV-WIT-07. The star’s light curve features are similar to those found with the observations of Tabby’s star.

Although several theories were put forward to explain the drastic dimming, nothing has yet prevailed. This in turn, still means the chances of an advanced alien life form constructing around the star is still possible.

Discovering The New Dimming VVV-WIT-07

The astronomers discovered the anomaly whilst looking through data from the VISTA Variables Program. This program studies the center of our Milky Way galaxy.

The observations took place over an eight-year study between 2010 and 2018. They noticed data of increased and decreased light fluctuation that baffled the team. When they predicted it would brighten, the star would actually dim. They were unsure of what could be causing this bizarre reaction.

Satio hopes further observation will determine the answer. This would clarify if the results are caused by natural debris circling the star or if it is something of more extraterrestrial intelligence.


The star VVV-WIT-07 demonstrates anomalies with light fluctuation astronomers can’t explain. Image credit.

Examinations of the distant star show dimming up to 80 percent. Compare this with the 20 percent dimming of Tabby’s star and you can understand the extremely bizarre nature of VVV-WIT-07.

Although, there are more puzzling stars in the galaxy that have baffled astronomers for years.

Weird Stars

KIC 8462852 and VVV-WIT-07 are just two weird stars that confuse astronomers. Their unnatural light fluctuation has had people theorize aliens are building a Dyson sphere around them.

J1407 is another distant star that exhibits bizarre light anomalies. Observations have recorded dimming up to 95 percent! Eric Mamajek and colleagues originally spotted it in 2012 from the New York University of Rochester.

Some astronomers believe such stars are orbited by incredibly massive gas planets that block out a large portion of light emission. Many other natural causes can create this effect. From swarms of dusty comets to other smaller celestial objects orbiting in tight formation.

But, the alien theory is far more gripping.

Weird Star

There are many weird stars in the galaxy that astronomers don’t know how to explain their anomalies. Sourced.

It has been proposed that Dyson’s sphere could be the cause of the bizarre stars’ light emission.

A Dyson Sphere

A Dyson sphere is a hypothetical megastructure that is constructed around a star. It encompasses and engulfs the star as well as capturing the majority of the solar energy. Such a structure would theoretically provide a civilization with enough energy for an infinite amount of time.

It was an initial thought experiment aimed at answering how a spacefaring civilization would receive energy power.

As the universe is more than 13 billion-years-old, it is very feasible for extraterrestrial life to be out there.

Dyson Sphere

An artist’s illustration of a Dyson sphere. Image source.

Any older civilization may already be colonizing our galaxy. And, in an effort to maintain a constant source of energy, they build their own form of a Dyson sphere. An alien-made Dyson sphere.

This answer may sound crazy to some, but as of yet, with stars like the ones discussed in this article, the possibility is still very real.

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