Bizarre Flash Of Light Spotted On Dark Side Of The Moon

Two bizarre flashes of light coming from the dark side of the moon have led Ufologists to question if there are aliens on the moon.

A Spanish space agency, which observes the moon 24/7, captured the phenomenon on camera.

The two flashes of light from the dark side of the moon were roughly 24 hours apart and witnessed on by the agency on July 17th and 18th.

Moon Impacts Detection and Analysis System (MIDAS) scan the lunar body on a regular basis in search of celestial occurrences.

With the detection of the lights happening in a 24-hour window, the European Space Agency (ESA) says there must be a clear correlation between them both. They are “seemingly in pursuit” of each other.

ufo light

UFO sighting on the moon. Flashes of light observed coming from the dark side of the moon. Image credit: Express.

So, could these images finally settle the debate that has raged UFO news outlets for decades? Are aliens real or not? Do UFO sightings occur on the moon?

Although the flashes of light witnessed from the dark side of the moon may not actually have relations to aliens, there is an agreeing consensus that the cause was extraterrestrial.

Flash of Light Dark Side of the Moon

The likelihood that the two flashes of light seen on the dark side of the moon being caused by an alien civilization is unlikely.

It would appear that an “ancient lump” of rock from an extraterrestrial origin hit the moon “with enough energy to produce a brilliant flash of light.” The first asteroid struck the moon during the night of July 17. Twenty-four hours later, another lump of space rock impacted the lunar surface in a different sector on the dark side of the moon.

Even though the impact caused a great deal of energy and initial thoughts were of a UFO sighting, the size of the rock is estimated to be only as big as a walnut.


An asteroid impact caused the flashes of light on the dark side of the moon. The image is taken from Phys.

Astronomers suggest that the likely origin of the rocks came from the  Alpha Capricornids meteor shower. This meteor shower usually commences on the 15th July and may last up until mid-August.

The ESA made a statement saying: “For at least a thousand years people have claimed to witness short-lived phenomena on the face of the Moon.

“By definition, these transient flashes are hard to study, and determining their cause remains a challenge.

Recent UFO News

The observations of the moon use high-tech equipment to detect and study impacts to our natural satellite. It is believed that a better understanding of such impacts and greatly improve our own defenses against natural impacts that threaten our world.

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Recent UFO Sightings – Mexico

A recent UFO video of a UFO sighting in Mexico shows footage of a bizarre light lifting of the ground and vanishing into space.

The UFO sighting, which was filmed in Basaseachi Chihuahua, is starting to make the rounds on UFO news media outlets.


Someone filmed a bizarre flying light.

Construction workers filmed the possible alien video in Basaseachic Falls National Park, Mexico. Whilst doing their job they noticed a bizarre light on the mountainside in the distance. Curious as to what the glow could be they began to film the event.

They certainly managed to film more than expected!

With no warning, the ominous glow from afar began to lift off the ground and ascend skyward. Then in the blink of an eye, it vanishes.

The men filming this at night were understandably very excited during the UFO sightings and after the encounter.

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