Black Sarcophagus Egyptian Skeletons Analyzed

Just over a month ago archeologists discovered a black granite sarcophagus in Egypt. Inside the extremely large Egyptian coffin, they found the remains of three individual skeletons.

On top of this, the three skeletons discovered were covered in foul sewage water. The Egyptian mummy remains were taken away for analysis. Now, the results have shown who was inside the mysterious sarcophagus.

The sarcophagus was found in Alexandria when locals were clearing the earth to build more housing.

A research team opened the coffin. To their surprise, the Alexandria sarcophagus contained the remains of three individuals and horrible water. The black coffin had caused a big stir in alien news media outlets as people tried to guess what could have been inside such a thing.

However, the head of the Egyptian Ministry of Antiques Dr. Mostafa Waziry opened the find. With the help of Dr. Aiman Ashmawi, their team carefully removed the heavy black granite sarcophagus lid.

Many had theorized the mysterious discovery may hold extraterrestrial remains, but they did not. The skeletons inside are terrestrial to this planet.

inside coffin

The insides of the Alexandria sarcophagus contain three skeletons.

Alexandria Sarcophgus opened

The team opens the newly discovered sarcophagus.

The discovery of an unmarked coffin in Egypt took the world by shock. It was a big deal as not many new discoveries happen in recent days.

But, after opening the granite sarcophagus of Alexandria, the team took the remains away for analysis. Now, the results of who was inside have been completed!

Inside the Alexandria Sarcophagus

The three skeletons discovered in the Egyptian sarcophagus belonged to two males and one female.

Examinations identified the female as being 20-25 years of age and being around 160-164 cm tall.

Sarcophagus skeletons

One of the skeletons removed from the black granite sarcophagus.

The younger male’s age was between 35-39 years old with a height of 160-165 cm. The second male was around 40-44 years old and approximately 179-184 cm in height.

Skeletons from Egypt

Skeletons from Egypt

The black sarcophagus skeletons were also discovered with gold plating. Experts determine that these might represent some sort of ranking system – possibly military – but will undergo further examination.

Gold panels

Experts suspect these gold panels represent the individuals military ranking.

On top of all this, it is interesting to note that one of the male skeletons had a hole in his skull.

Experts quickly pointed out, however, that this was not the cause of the individuals’ death. Instead, they suggest this is proof of surgery from the ancient times.

As for the water – it was, in fact, sewage water that turned black due to the corpse’s rotting.

The initial analysis of the skeletons discovered in the black sarcophagus of Alexandria is interesting, to say the least, but it is not over.

Further examinations of the bones will try to determine whether or not they are all from a single family.

Ancient Egypt

Ancient Egypt is one of the most ancient and mysterious civilizations of our distant past. A lot of what we ‘know’ about the ancient world of North Africa is nothing but a guess.

There are so many anomalies with Ancient Egypt that it really does not make much sense. The more we discover and unearth about the ancient culture, the more bizarre it appears. Sometimes what is discovered goes against everything that we originally thought about the people of Ancient Egypt.


The iconic Sphinx and Great Pyramid of Egypt. Image credit: NatGeoKids.

Ancient Alien theorists, in particular, suggest that the iconic Sphinx and pyramids of Egypt are far older than modern history records lead us to believe.

They suggest that they are actually tens of thousands of years old!

Despite being at the center of archeology, the Ancient Egyptian world still holds much more secrets. Further examination and expositions will need to be carried out with a careful eye if we are to have a better understanding of this fascinating world.

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