Truth About The Discovered Chinese ‘UFO’ Crash


A bizarre UFO crashed in a Chinese forest leading everyone to think it was of extraterrestrial origin. Now the Chinese government has claimed the space debris and the truth about the Chinese UFO crash is out.

With the Pentagon report on a UFO encounter still fresh in everyone’s minds, when an unidentified object crash-landed in a Chinese forest everyone was quick to jump to alien origins.

However, for those hoping for extraterrestrial visitors, the origins reported in UFO news are not alien.

The object crashed in the Chinese forest of the Fujian province, and although it fell from space, it is not an alien spacecraft.

The large chunk of metal was, in fact, a Chinese rocket that launched over a week ago, according to the Chinese Space Agency. Although the rocket crashed in a forest and did not hurt anyone, it was not far from nearby villages. In actual fact, it was two plant workers – Huang Yijin and Zhang Hejin – who discovered the then believed UFO, whilst on the way to their job.


UFO crash in Chinese forest. Sourced: BGR.

On May 20th, China sent the Long March 4C rocket into space to establish a communications satellite. The launch went perfectly as planned. However, the agency lost track of where the rocket’s nosecone should have crash-landed.

UFO crash turned out to be Chinese rocket

Chinese space rocket launch

On May 20th, the Chinese Spacey Agency sent a rocket into space to establish a communication satellite. Sourced from: TheStar.

The officials called to removed the alleged UFO crash received the helpful hands of the nearby villagers to remove the debris. The people removed the metals which they sent back to the launching area and are kept in a safer environment.

The launch of the rocket was part of China’s ambition to explore the moon. They currently have plans to send a rover probe to the dark side of the moon to investigate the area. At the moment, there is no scheduled date for this to happen, but they are aiming to achieve this before the year is out.

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Although it is not uncommon for people to stumble across fallen space debris from such rocket launches – as they are designed to come back to Earth – the area in which this was discovered was strange.

So, if you ever come across something like this, remember it is not a crashed UFO, but rather a nosecone from a manmade space rocket.


Alien UFOs

Aliens are currently sabotaging the planets nuclear weapons, and have been tinkering with them for decades.

A conspiracy theory suggests alien UFO’s are intercepting many nuclear facilities because they do not trust us with these weapons.

UFO Nuclear Weapons

UFO’s are sabotaging our nuclear weapons, says new conspiracy theory.

Theories from conspiracists claim that the world’s governing bodies know of the existence of alien life.

Many alien sightings and UFO videos point to the indication of extraterrestrials. However, the government remains stuck on saying they do not exist.

It has even been recently revealed that the Pentagon has put together a 13-page report on a UFO encounter between something not of this world and U.S fighter jets.

But now, a ufologist claims that aliens are preventing humanity from using nuclear power. Some claims state that aliens do not trust humans with weapons of mass destruction.

For more details on the sabotage of nuclear facilities by alien UFO’s, click this link.

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