CIA Document Details KGB Alien UFO Encounter

A 250-page CIA document provides incredible details on a KGB alien UFO encounter. The Soviet Union managed to shoot down an unidentified flying object, but what happened afterward is even more shocking.

The KGB UFO encounter occurred during the Cold War years. The incident took place over a Soviet Union military base in Antarctica. Details of unknown green, red, and yellow flying objects were spotted in the skies above. The KGB document on this event was destroyed, however, the CIA managed to get their hands on a copy before it was finalized.

Mikhail Gorbachev was USSR President at the time and even stated that UFO’s are real. He went on to say that the matter must be taken seriously.

A U.S military unit in Siberia managed to get hold of the document. The CIA was shocked to discover that details explain a moment when the Soviet Union managed to shoot down an alien spacecraft. However, the events that followed left the U.S intelligence agency even more speechless.

Crashed UFO

The KGB shot down an alien UFO. Image credit.

Military personnel spotted a saucer-shaped UFO at low altitude over the Soviet Union military base. It appeared to be conducting training manoeuvers.

The document explains that a ground-based missile was then launched at the flying saucer. It is unclear exactly who gave the orders to launch an attack on the hovering craft. The missile hit the UFO and it came crashing down to Earth not far from the area.

UFO Crash

After the UFO crashed five humanoids emerged from the wreckage of the craft. The document described them as having large heads and large black eyes. This description sounds very similar to the Grey aliens.

But, the events that took place after they came out are truly terrifying. The CIA document provides details on how the aliens used highly advanced weapons on the Russian military personnel.

The alien humanoids somehow merged into one singularity that resembled a spherical object. The bizarre object then began buzzing and hissing before turning white. Afterward, within a matter of seconds, the sphere expanded and exploded in a bright engulfing light.

The doc explains that 23 Russian soldiers had watched the bizarre phenomenon. The soldiers instantly turned to stone.


A CIA document offers an insight into how Soviet Union soldiers were turned into stone. Sourced.

Only two soldiers managed to escape this terrifying fate. They were lucky enough to be standing in the shade when the phenomenon took place.

It is unclear exactly what happened to the aliens after this event. But the document states the crashed UFO and Russian stone soldiers were secretly transferred to a secure location in Moscow. Once there, experts carried out an examination and study.

The examination conclusion was that an energy force was able to change the molecular composition of living organisms. This source of power is currently unknown to humans on Earth. The change at a molecular level resembles that of common limestone.

You can check out the official declassified CIA document here.

Are Aliens Real

Was this a factual alien and UFO encounter that proves if aliens are real or not?

The CIA stated that if this was, in fact, a real occurrence then we should be cautious. The case is menacing and shows extremely high forms of technology. Our assumptions of what is possible and impossible should be reexamined.

It is clear that extraterrestrials have the means to protect themselves.

Grey Aliens

It is clear that aliens have the means to protect themselves if attacked. Image source.

This UFO sighting and encounter occurred a long time ago, but the story is still fascinating.

However, it is not the first close encounter between aliens and humans that ended in such a terrifying way.

Alien and Human Battles

Moreover, Philip Schneider, a former explosive engineer for the U.S government, has made claims he witnessed one such bloody encounter.

Mr. Schenider claims that whilst working on an underground base in New Mexico during the late 1970s, he was witness to a battle between humans and aliens. Each fighting for their lives. Furthermore, the aliens managed to end the lives of 60 U.S soldiers.

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