Did Aliens Help Build Machu Picchu

All around the world, there are monuments and ancient structures. These incredible and archaeologically difficult designs help us remember our ancient past. We maintain the notion that our ancestors built them. However, many aspects of the Ancient Wonders of the World do not add up.

One man, who is an expert in ancient technology, believes sites like Machu Picchu were not constructed by our ancestors. Instead, he maintains the idea an older and more technologically advanced civilization is responsible. Possibly of extraterrestrial origin.

Brien Foster, who runs the YouTube channel thirdphaseofmoon, release a video about his findings. He states it is impossible for the Inca civilization to build such structures. His reasoning for this is because they were “Bronze Age” people. This means the tools available at the time were not strong enough to cut the stone at Machu Picchu. Therefore, he claims, only a higher technically advanced civilization is responsible.

In his YouTube video, Foster says that the Inca people could not have used Bronze Age tools for building the megalithic structures. The stones in the area are too strong and hard, and therefore, would have broken the weaker tools.

It is only common sense that your tools need to be stronger than the material you are trying to shape. So then, how exactly did our ancestors build Machu Picchu?

Perhaps they didn’t.

Maybe aliens on Earth did. Mr. Foster says the evidence suggests only “a very advanced technological civilization” could have constructed this masterpiece.

Did Aliens Build Ancient Wonders

The technology required to construct such complexes is incredible. So much so that even with modern day tools we may not be advanced enough to replicate these structures. This has henceforth led Mr. Foster to believe either alien life is responsible or the Atlanteans.

Aliens on Earth may explain a lot about our ancient past. There are monuments all around the world that still baffle archaeologists today. This, in turn, has led to shocking claims as to whether or not the Egyptian Pyramids were built by aliens.

But did advanced extraterrestrials have a hand in our early modern history?

Alien UFO over Machu Picchu

An artist drawing of alien UFO’s over Machu Picchu. Image credit.

Although Mr. Foster is open to the idea of an older civilization building Machu Picchu, he does not feel it is as strong a case as ancient aliens.

If there was an even older civilization that outdated the native Inca people then we would be able to see cultural development, which we don’t. Therefore, perhaps the answer actually lies within alien life visiting our planet.

A quick extraterrestrial visitation would explain an awful lot. It would explain why these structures defy all construction means at the time. It would explain the intricate and complex designs. Furthermore, it would also explain a lot of stories from the ancient world that we now call mythology.


Aliens And The Pyramids

Similar theories have suggested the Egyptian Pyramids were constructed by aliens. Some people have even said there is proof the Egyptian Pyramids built by aliens.

The Egyptian pyramids are an ancient marvel. Even with today’s technology, architectures have stated it would be difficult to replicate the precision and detail from the ancient monuments. The Great Pyramid of Giza is one of the most incredible achievements on this planet. However, mainstream teachings would have us believe the Ancient Egyptian civilization constructed the pyramids with limited technology. They did not even have the wheel.

So, how did they build such gigantic monuments?

Egypt Pyramids Aliens

Did aliens build the Egypt Pyramids?

A 2009 Netflix documentary suggested the answer was aliens on Earth building the monuments.

Dr. Carmen Boulter, who hosted The Pyramid Code, says the evidence is right in front of us. Our human civilization did not have the capability to build these ancient wonders of the world. Therefore, another civilization must be responsible. Perhaps an alien civilization.

Did aliens help our civilization advance?

Although there are indicators that say yes, the answer is still very much in the grey. Mainstream academic circles will state no. However, they are still unable to truly answer the mysteries of our ancient past. If we cannot reconstruct some ancient wonders, how did our early ancestors build them?

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