Did NASA Accidentally Expose Life On Mars


NASA’s Curiosity Rover on Mars may have accidentally exposed life on Mars. An image of a UFO has created possible evidence for extraterrestrial life beyond our planet.

This recent image, which is quickly becoming a topic of discussion among UFO news outlets, seems to indicate NASA is covering up the existence of alien life.

ArtAlienTV, a YouTube conspiracy channel, uploaded video footage of the image which NASA took on the 20th January 2018.

The footage, which was captured by NASA’s Curiosity Rover, shows a black and white landscape of the Martian world but with something ‘flying’ in the distance.

Many UFO hunters who have seen this UFO sightings image claim that the object is some sort of alien bird living on Mars.


Is NASA covering up life on Mars, as UFO image emerged online? Image credit: Ancient Code.

Of course, as far as we are aware, life cannot survive on the barren red planet due to its weakened atmosphere. However, could this image indicate that everything we have been told about life on other planets is a lie?

Take a look at the UFO sightings video footage below:

UFO sightings video

The author of the video states that this apparent UFO cannot be the cause of a dirty lens.  Previous images from the rover do not have this mark on them.

A lot of comments and theories have been made about the recent UFO news story, with some even claiming the image wasn’t taken on Mars! Certain UFO hunters believer the footage here was captured on Earth – suggesting that NASA hasn’t even made it to the Red Planet. However, no one can confirm this theory.

Other theories to explain the possible UFO are:

  • Debris from the ground
  • A meteor that is burning upon entry
  • An alien UFO captured by NASA’s own cameras

There are always theories and claims being made about Mars that have sparked the imagination of the public. Many images of aliens on Mars and UFO’s can easily be debunked. With this in mind, there are certain images that cannot be explained so easily.

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Mars Alien News

Recently, another image that has sparked an interested in alien life on Mars is of a photograph that appears to show what many describe as a ‘carved lion statue head’ laying on the Martian surface.

Many UFO enthusiasts and people convinced of alien life spend their time looking through images taken by NASA’s Curiosity Rover, which is currently on Mars.

Aliens on Mars

Alien news: Does this image suggest alien life once lived on Mars?

Nine times out of ten the images sent back to Earth by NASA’s exploration robot are just of the barren planet’s landscape. However, every so often something truly outstanding pops up within the images.

Conspiracy theory YouTube channel, ArtAlien TV, dedicate their time to searching through these images and point out evidence that suggests life on Mars.

One of their latest videos depicts an image that appears to show a rock that has been carved into the shape of a lions head.

Many UFO followers believe that this could, in fact, be proof of a lost civilization on the barren planet.

More UFO news

If this is the case, then there could be a connection between Mars and the ancient Egyptian civilization. The Egyptian culture of old is famous for its carvings of animals such as lions, crocodiles, birds, and more. Not to mention that they also viewed felines as sacred creatures.

However, unless we can actually travel to Mars to examine the rock in person, we will never truly know.

Many scientists would actually argue that this is nothing more than a trick, an illusion of light, where the mind sees what it wants to see. Such as a familiar shape/face within something that is not actually there.

Life on Mars

This image may show a lion statue on the Martian surface.

A lot of the time, this pareidolia effect is given as an example for many alleged pieces of evidence that could expose the possibility of aliens on Mars or life on the moon.

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  • a something ate or killd all life on mars mayde a bakteria or some kind of poison. there was a war on mars stepen Hawkins says beter to leave it alone. and he warned of going there and comeing back with something that will do the samee with earth. Hawkins says we don’t have much time to find another world like that of earth. the very air of mars is decaying all. you will see all life that’s left when they come out at night. in short. who goes to mars and back will end rarth. this is my theory.