Earliest Writings Of UFO Sightings: Letter To President Thomas Jefferson

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The Papers of President Thomas Jefferson

A letter addressed to former President of the United States Thomas Jefferson may be the earliest written description of a UFO sighting in U.S history.

A Tavern keeper and visitor describe how they witnessed UFO sightings in Virginia during the 1800’s.

Old UFO photo

An old UFO sightings photo. Sourced from: A Clear Lens.

Is this letter from 1813 the earliest recorded sighting of the UFO phenomenon in recent history?

Ancient Alien theorists claim there is clear evidence of written descriptions of UFO’s and alien visitors in ancient texts. These could arguably be the oldest descriptions of extraterrestrial encounters. However, could this letter to a former President of the U.S be the earliest descriptions that the United States government are in possession of?

The letter describes that one night during 1813, a Tavern keeper in Portsmouth, Virginia, and a visitor from Baltimore witnessed a bizarre object in the sky.

The owner of the Tavern was called Edward Hansford and the visitor John Clarke. They describe seeing a meteor-like object in the sky. Though they are aware the object does not behave anything like a meteor.

The men describe how the UFO sighting they witnessed transformed in shape, from turtle to a human skeleton.

Jefferson letter UFO

Left: Original copy of the handwritten letter. Right: Computerized copy of described UFO sightings.

This was written down in the early 1800’s and reprinted in 2010. The reprint of the alleged UFO sighting was in The Papers of Thomas Jefferson: Retirement Series.


Earliest UFO Sightings

At this moment in time, it is currently unclear as to whether President Thomas Jefferson sent a reply to the letter describing an unknown flying object. However, with this letter being made public, there is the possibility that this is the earliest UFO sighting ever witnessed and recorded in recent human history.

The letter was sent on the 31st of July 1813 but witnessed by the two men a couple of days earlier on the 25th July.

This astronomic phenomenon may be of great interest to ufologists, but in the eyes of ancient alien theorists, there are must older stories of UFO sightings.

There are many ancient books that prove the ancient alien theory.

bookof enoch

The Book of Enoch speaks of wicked angels begetting children from the daughters of men.

Codices like “The Book of Enoch” and “The Nag Hammadi” are just two ancient books that give the impression extraterrestrials visited our world thousands of years ago.

Recent UFO News

Many believe that the true nature of our history is not being told. It is possible that we are the offspring of beings from another world, and therefore are ourselves aliens to this planet.

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UFO Sightings – Mexico

From old UFO sightings to new UFO sightings 2018.

A recent UFO video filmed in Mexico of a strange reddish light that began to hover before disappearing left witnesses shocked. The UFO sighting, which was filmed in Basaseachi Chihuahua, is starting to make the rounds on UFO news media outlets.


A strange UFO sighting was witnessed in Basaseachi Chihuahua, Mexico

The possible extraterrestrial video was filmed in Basaseachic Falls National Park, Mexico, by construction workers. Whilst doing their job they noticed a bizarre light on the mountainside in the distance. Curious as to what the glow could be they began to film the event.

They certainly managed to film more than expected!

Check out more details on the UFO news story here.

President Jefferson UFO

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