Shocking Claims: The Egyptian Pyramids Built By Older Civilization

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An older civilization constructed the pyramids and the Egyptians took credit for them. This is the claim of an independent researcher.

He states there is clear proof people constructed the pyramids many years before the Egyptian cultural rise. And that this lost civilization is responsible for building the pyramids at Giza.

The Giza Plateau on the outskirts of Cairo is a historic landmark. It contains some of the world’s finest architecture on the face of the planet. The pyramids are listed as one of the Seven Wonders of the World. Yet, modern hands did not construct these marvelous constructions. In fact, historic records date the three pyramids of Giza and the Great Sphinx to around 2500-2600 BC.

However, Matt Sibson a historian and researcher, who claims an even older civilization constructed the pyramids. He goes on to suggest new evidence indicates a civilization constructed them 5,000 years earlier than historical records.

During an exclusive article with the Daily Star, Mr. Sibson says the Egyptians may have simply stumbled upon the pyramids and had no idea what they were.

Egypt Pyramids

Did another civilization build the pyramids before the Egyptians? Image credit.

It is extremely strange hieroglyphs are not found on the inside. This was common practice in ancient Egyptian times. Every wall of every important building was practically coated in their sacred writing. However, as Mr. Sibson points out, this is not the case with the pyramids. So, perhaps they did not even enter them.

Examining The Egypt Pyramids

During the 9th Century Pyramid excavations, Egyptologists found nothing. No tombs, no hieroglyphs, nothing, according to Mr. Sibson.

After examining the ancient wonders of the world for himself, the historian presents one key piece of evidence to suggest the pyramids are far older than we believe.

The wall looks flat and natural, but if you look at one corner in the southwest, it looks like it was plastered over with clay.

And where the smooth finish dies away, you’re left with a very, very weathered wall.

He went on to say the wall is part of the pyramid foundation. Therefore, they constructed it first.

This suggests the weathering on the foundation is from thousands of years ago. This kind of weather erosion could only have happened during a time when heavy rainfall hit the land.

This sort of weather damage does not line up with mainstream construction dates. And in actual fact, indicates the building of the pyramids to be around 8000 BC. Therefore, an older civilization must have constructed the pyramids we know today.

pyramid drawing

An artist illustration of the Great Sphinx and Egyptian Pyramid. Sourced.

Matt Sibson has his own YouTube channel in which he explores the truth behind many of the ancient architectural mysteries.

Many people believe ancient astronauts visited our planet. These alien life beings taught our ancient cultures to advance our civilization. Ancient people saw these aliens on Earth as Gods. This, in turn, has led many to ask if the Egyptian Gods were actually aliens?

Egyptian Pyramids Built By Aliens

Is there proof the Egyptian Pyramids built by aliens? A Netflix documentary called ‘The Pyramid Code’ suggests there is.

As our ancient brothers did not possess technology advanced enough to construct such incredible buildings, only advanced technology could be the answer. Even with modern technology today we would have difficulty building the pyramids. Therefore, the program suggests the only logical answer is aliens on earth using higher technology.

The Great Pyramid of Giza is estimated to have 2,300,000 stone blocks. Some of these stone blocks weigh up to 50 tons, or more! It rises 146.7 meters (481 feet) into the air and has a base length of 230.34 meters (756 feet).

Could a civilization who did not have knowledge of the wheel truly be responsible for the construction of the pyramids? Or was it – as many ancient alien theorists suggest – the result of alien life on this planet?

Egypt Pyramids Aliens

Did aliens build the Egypt Pyramids? Image source.

However, maybe aliens on Earth did not only construct the pyramid monuments.

Some suggest the Great Sphinx, which sits close to the pyramids on the Giza Plateau, is also of alien design.

The Great Sphinx

Two scientists point out there is proof the Great Sphinx is 800,000 years-old!

Similar to the evidence suggesting the pyramids are older than historical records indicate, the Great Sphinx has huge water erosion. This amount of damage should not be like this if it was constructed during the time modern academics state.

The two experts pointed out the debate raised by West and Schoch to ‘overthrow’ the mainstream view of Egyptology. The main talking point of this debate is the clear evidence there is of water erosion at the ancient monument, which indicates its age has been massively miscalculated.

Despite the vast amount of research done on the Sphinx, evaluating the date of construction is still a problem.

However, it appears that looking at the Great Sphinx and other ancient monuments from a geological perspective might actually help us determine the true age of them.

Unfortunately, there are no historical records for how, why, or when people constructed the pyramids or sphinx.

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