Declassified FBI Docs Say Tesla Was From Venus

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It has been revealed that declassified FBI documents mention that Nikola Tesla was from Venus. Within a surprising Bureau report, it states that ‘Space People’ visited after Tesla’s death and told them the Croatian born inventor was from the planet Venus!

On top of this, it is also believed that Tesla’s engineers have since been in contact with extraterrestrials.

Nikola Tesla Aliens

Was Nikola Tesla an alien? FBI documents suggest he may have been from Venus! Sourced from: Infinity Explorers.

Mr. Tesla was believed to have worked on a communication device that would allow him to contact alien life. Could this newly released data suggest his machine worked?

Moreover, details within the FBI documents give information on his venture to planet Earth. It is stated that Nikola Tesla, born of Venus, was brought to Earth in 1856 and left in the care of the Tesla family. Could it actually be possible that one of the most influential men in history was an alien?

There are some outlandish conspiracy theories out there, but this has got to be the cream of the crop. With this in mind, this is not something made up out of nowhere. The foundations for this groundbreaking alien news report come from declassified FBI documents! 

Take a look at the FBI records vault for free access to this declassified information.

The details of these reports speak about a number of delicate topics.


Was Nikola Tesla An Extraterrestrial

There is no DNA evidence to suggest that Nikola Tesla was an extraterrestrial, however, the proof within FBI documentation may be all we need. If it was a subject of discussion for the organization, there must be some underlining theory behind it.

However, first is a snippet from a letter talking about flying saucers. In other words, they are discussing the possibility of large-scale UFO sightings across America.

flying sources

Underlined are details about flying sources over America. Snippet image from released FBI documents.

The above FBI letter states that they were aware of an upcoming UFO sighting that would happen in three phases. Not only does this give evidence that there was UFO’s in the skies of North America, but also proves that the government is fully aware of their existence. However, to this day they still deny – despite the piling evidence of extraterrestrial vehicles.

But there will again be full-scale operations of flying saucers all over American areas on July 1.

If this isn’t an obvious indicator that the United States government are aware of UFO’s, and are blatantly covering up the existence of said alien crafts, then I don’t know what is.


Tesla Was From Venus

However, the most controversial topic was the mention of Tesla being an alien from Venus. 

In the below snippet document, it states that People from Space had visited Tesla’s engineers after he died and told them that he was a Venusian. 

space people

Underlined at the bottom are details about Space People visiting Tesla’s engineers. Image from released FBI docs.

You can verify this information for yourself by visiting the FBI records link here. Alternatively, you can download the PDF here.

Could this conspiracy be true? A conspiracy that has only started to circle around aliens news outlets because of declassified FBI files.

If it is true, it might explain the genius forward thinking behind the ‘man’. He was always ahead of his time, and his extraterrestrial origins may be the cause of it all. 

More Alien News

Space People have visited the Tesla engineers many times, and have told us that Tesla was a Venusian,

However, with all this in mind, this does only state that it is the Tesla engineers that told the FBI Nikola Tesla was an alien. There is no proof – that we know of – to categorically claim they received this detail from an extraterrestrial being. All this means is that the FBI had heard strange ‘gossip’ about the inventor and maybe researched it.

Was Tesla an alien or not?

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Nikola Tesla Aliens

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