Declassified FBI Docs Prove An Alien Cover Up

For many years people have believed the government is actively covering the existence of aliens. Some conspiracy theorists point to UFO videos and alien photos of proof. However, could the evidence of extraterrestrial life be written down in top-secret government files?

Below is a list of the best declassified FBI documents that indicate the government is aware of alien life. On top of knowing the existence of extraterrestrials, these documents suggest a global cover-up of UFO’s and E.T’s.

The first and most popularly viewed FBI document on the official government website is the Guy Hottel memo.

Dated three years after the UFO events of Roswell, New Mexico, former special agent Guy Hottel sent a memo to the FBI director with the subject “Flying Saucers Information Concerning.”

Examination of the Guy Hottel document states that a UFO crashed with alien bodies being recovered. It is also suggested that the unknown flying object crashed due to a high-powered radar within the area.

Guy Hottel Memo

Guy Hottel memo

The Guy Hottel memo is one of the most viewed declassified FBI documents on the FBI website. Memo from the FBI website.

Due to the bizarre nature and information within the FBI doc, it has become one of the most viewed documents in the FBI Records Vault on their official website.

The Hottel doc was actually publically released in 1970 but acquired much attention from alien news media outlets in 2011 when it was placed in the FBI Vaults. After such news about the cover-up of extraterrestrials and a UFO crash, the FBI wanted to make a statement about the document. They officially said that the information was provided to Guy Hottel from a second or third-hand source, and also has no relation to the Roswell UFO incident of 1947.

Of course, once you read what is detailed in the memo it is easy to draw parallel conclusions to the alien theories surrounding the UFO crash in Roswell, New Mexico. However, as it is dated three years after those events, there is nothing to claim the two are connected.

Furthermore, despite being an official declassified FBI document about aliens, the source is unreliable. Having come from alternative sources, we cannot give credibility to people we are unaware of. If the memo was first-hand accounts from Guy Hottel himself, then that would be a different story, but it is not what we have here.

So, the FBI memo may not be as credible as it first appears, but it does help us slowly unravel the truth behind an alien cover-up.


Extraterrestrial UFO’s

Another declassified FBI document to the Director of Coastal Intelligence, subject name Unidentified Flying Objects, provides details on UFO sightings!

Dated December 10th, 1952, the memo provides four occurrences of UFO sighting reports.

Point A) confirms reports of 10 UFO sightings in Utah on 2nd July 1952. It explains that the objects are of no known natural phenomenon or aircraft.

UFO sightings document

This document provides details on different UFO sightings throughout the U.S.

Point C) indicates that possible alien contact occurred!

Officials discovered an unknown device on the ground in Florida. The device left behind some very unusual effects on the surrounding area.

Overall, the idea of this document is to clearly state that there have been UFO sightings in the skies that official government bodies cannot explain. And after all, this is the foundation of what a UFO is.

The below is also a document from the U.S Air Force Project Blue Book division, that ran investigations on UFOs in the U.S.

Between 1947 and 1969, the amassed a total of 12,618 UFO sighting reports and concluded that 701 of those are officially “unidentified.”


Project Blue Book reported a total of 701 unidentified flying objects within 22 years. Take from the FBI website.

From this document, we can see a confirmed 701 unidentified flying object sightings. This comes from the organization designed to track and report cases of UFOs. Project Blue Book officials collected this information over the course of 22 years.

Declassified FBI Documents

Is there more solidity when it comes to looking through declassified FBI documents to find proof of an alien conspiracy?

Well, a letter sent to Mr. William Sessions from a person who had access to the Pentagon may certainly provide the kind of evidence we need.

Within the letter, it states that military officials denied former U.S President Jimmy Carter information about the UFO issue. It goes on to say they gave him the “run-around” when he inquired about the topic.

UFO cover-up

Does this document show proof of a UFO cover-up? Image Sourced from the FBI website.

If someone who gained information from the Pentagon states U.S Presidents’ gets denied details on UFO’s, then there is a large-scale cover-up.

Within the second part of the letter, it also suggests that the likes of the Office of Defence and the C.I.A are the agencies to inquire to about the UFO phenomenon.

UFO cover-ups

Documentation that suggests a large-scale UFO cover-up. Sourced from FBI website.

This letter gives indications that there is an inner government that is working together to keep the existence of extraterrestrial life a top secret.

Within the FBI Records Vault, there are a number of declassified documents about UFO’s and aliens. The majority of them are nonchalant. Though a certain quantity of them provide important details in unlocking the truth.

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