Guy Walks Around Evacuated NSO (VIDEO)

A YouTuber has boldly gone to the evacuated Sunspot Observatory to film what is happening. To his surprise, the area is completely empty.

This is a follow-up story on the current mystery behind the unusual evacuation of the NSO. Last week (Sept 6th), the FBI evacuated the National Solar Observatory with no explanation.

There has been a lot of conspiracy surrounding this strange act. Initial reports stated that the FBI had military Blackhawk helicopters flying in the area, however, that does not seem to be the case.

A video, which can be watched further down in this article, shows that the NSO area in New Mexico is completely empty!

The YouTube video shows a guy driving up to the taped off area and then proceeding on foot as he looks around the eerily quiet observatory.

Though, it is strange to think that not even a single security guard was protecting something that the FBI evacuated.

But, if you think this is bizarre, his encounter becomes even stranger!

The YouTuber notices a drone – controlled by an unknown source – flying in the area. On top of that, he spots an X-files: Unrestricted Access DVD in one of the buildings. Seriously, what is going on!

nso do not enter

Guy passes Do Not Enter sign in the NSO area. The image was taken from the YouTube video.

Sunspot what’s happening? VIDEO

Check out the full video of this mysterious story below. Why did the FBI close the Solar Observatory?

The above video was filmed on 13th September 2018.

There have been rumors of an alien conspiracy surrounding the sudden and mysterious evacuation of the Sunspot Observatory. Many believe alien life had been discovered, whilst others learn more towards UFO sightings being photographed.

Skeptics, on the other hand, have been saying there may be a problem with the sun. It is possible that a big solar flare could be on its way.

Moreover, there have been stories of late that the Chinese have been spying on the U.S here. For the time being, there are so many conspiracy theories that we do not truly know what’s going on. Until the Federal Beauru of Intelligence releases a statement, we will have to keep guessing.

We are aware that since the 14th of this month, guards stationed at Las Cruces, New Mexico, were on orders to only allow the directors and assistant of the observatory into the area. They do not have any details as to what is happening.


This is the YouTuber who walked around the evacuated National Sunspot Observatory area. Sourced from YouTube video.


UFO Sightings From Sunspot Observatory

More recently, images of what some have called ‘a UFO armada‘ have been captured on camera.

The UFO photos show a large ‘egg-shaped‘ planet or craft accompanied by a fleet of smaller ships.


Mysterious UFOs burst out of the sun.

On September 11th of this year, Gina Maria Hill of Salem, Indiana, photographed these incredible photographs.

She described the unusual photos as “large disk-shaped UFOs”. Furthermore, she also captured images of a fleet of UFOs that seems to be accompanying the bigger object.

See more images here: Is This Why The FBI Closed The Observatory?

Since then, people gave their opinion about the photographs.

Some say they are clear pictures of alien UFOs, whereas others claim it is all nothing but lens glare.


Gina Maria Hill has been posting on Facebook since she took the original images.

Hill. Gina M. Hill took the photographs that show evidence of UFOs. She has since posted a huge collection, plus some videos, of what she believes is an incoming UFO fleet.

So, could this be the reason why the FBI closed the observatory?

Please feel free to leave your thoughts and opinions in a comment below.

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