Is This Why The FBI Closed The Observatory

Shocking images have emerged online that show UFO’s coming out of the sun. Is this why the FBI mysteriously closed the Solar Observatory?

There has been a lot of conspiracy talk surrounding the unexplained closure of the National Solar Observatory in New Mexico. Now, to add fuel to this story, the latest UFO sightings seem to have burst out of the sun! Is there an alien conspiracy going down at the Solar Observatory?

Just over a week ago the FBI escorted astronomers away from the Sunspot Observatory. There is still no explanation as to why this happened, or when they will be allowed to return.

Since then, not even the local sheriff has any information. This has led to the observatory being the center of an alien conspiracy.

Since then, there have been many theories flying around as to why the FBI took these actions. Everything from natural events such as an upcoming huge solar flare that might hit Earth, to evidence of UFOs and the discovery of Nibiru or Planet X, have all been put forward by conspiracy theorists.

There have also been images of military Blackhawk helicopters flying around the area. This has only added to the suspicion.

However, perhaps the answer may have already been answered in these images!

On September 11th of this year, Gina Maria Hill of Salem, Indiana, photographed these incredible photographs.


Latest UFO Sightings

She described the unusual photos as “large disk-shaped UFOs”. Furthermore, she also captured images of a fleet of UFOs that seems to be accompanying the bigger object.

Can you believe your eyes? Is this all true? Could these be actual photographs of extraterrestrial UFOs?

UFO sun

This is the bigger UFO that she captured by the sun. Image credit: DisclosureTV.

Gina has posted regularly over the past couple of days as she keeps a watchful eye on the sun.

She took the photographs using an iPhone 8. Obviously, these photographs, which she claims depict an ‘egg-shaped’ planet and UFOs, have been criticized. Many say they are nothing more than lens flare from the light of the sun.

However, what if they are not? What if they are actual images of alien vehicles? If that is the case, this would be the biggest story to sweep across UFO news outlets.


Gina Maria Hill has been posting on Facebook since she took the original images.

Gina Hill

Gina Maria Hill has been posting on Facebook since she took the original images.

Since the posts, many people have now flocked to her Facebook to get first-hand updates on what is going on.

Alien hunters and UFO searchers are convinced this is the reason the FBI closed the National Solar Observatory. At the moment the conspiracies are running wild.

Has Nibiru – the mythological world of the Anunnaki – been discovered? Have photographs of UFO sightings been taken? Is there a problem with the sun?

There are so many questions spiraling around at the moment, and the FBI is refusing to answer them.

Recent UFO Sightings

Below is a small collection of photographs that appear to show UFOs close to the sun.

We hope that the government will provide us with some answers soon.

Planet X

Gina posted the photographs on her Facebook page. Is it Planet X?

Planet Nibiru

Gina describes an ‘egg-shaped’ planet. Could it be the discovery of the planet Nibiru?

Are UFO’s real or not?

Do you have an answer to the possible UFOs in these images? Do you agree with skeptics that say it is all just lens flare, or are you convinced it is an armada of UFOs?

Please feel free to leave your thoughts and opinions in a comment below.


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