Has The KGB Captured A Real Life Alien?

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Could this footage filmed by an unnamed KGB agent prove the Russian agency have captured a real-life alien?

Apparently, in accordance to the video, the alien of unknown origin was captured by the Russian military when its UFO crash landed here on Earth.

KGB alien

The image is taken from YouTube video of an apparent alien captured by the Russian KGB.

Relating this recent alien news to the video, the story goes that the KGB agent was asked to film a top secret investigation. One upon the destination the agent was accompanied inside an underground bunker.

Apparently many doors within the bunker were locked and noises that the agent could not identify were coming from the other side. Could it have been the noises of more extraterrestrials?

After being led to the area in which the alien was being kept hostage, other KGB agents put on protective gear. However, they assured the agent he/she was not in danger and that it was a precautionary action.

The agent then entered the room and informed UFO Today that the extraterrestrial being was communication to him with telepathy. 

Watch the alien interrogation below

Extraterrestrial Video

[embedyt] https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=DJ8UwEk2A0I[/embedyt]

The video is of extremely poor quality and was filmed in 1988.

The Soviet Union agent gave the recording to conspiracy YouTube channel UFO today in order to “get the truth out there”. It has also been mentioned that he/she was part of many more alien encounters like this one and will release video footage of them in the future.

However, many people question the reality of the video. If the video was of ‘high important’ and top secret, then why would they film in such bad quality.

For us at UFO News Alien, something like this could easily be faked, so we cannot confirm that this is, in fact, a living alien.

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Recent Alien News

A Ufologist has staggeringly claimed that the proof of alien life can be witnessed in old video footage of Neil Armstrong.

For decades the theory that NASA astronauts were warned to get off the moon has been a topic of discussion in alien news outlets. But now, evidence of extraterrestrial beings may be real!


Neil Armstrong on the moon. Image from YouTube.

Even though NASA have denied such claims time and time again, UFO hunters are not convinced. Transcripts from a NASA meeting even seem to hint at extraterrestrial life living on the lunar surface.

Many people believe that the true reason NASA pulled the plug on missions to the moon was that of aliens. A lot of astronauts from the U.S space agency have come forward and spoken of aliens on the moon and a worldwide cover-up.

Reports state that during an interview, Armstrong made statements that the alien presence made themselves known to the astronauts and told them that they are not welcome.

Extraterrestrial Life

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KGB alien

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