Life On Venus – Suggests New Research


Is there life on Venus? The search for extraterrestrial life beyond our planet may be closer than expected.

Recent research suggests there is a chance that alien life could thrive within the ‘Dark Patches’ on the Venus surface. However, there is still much mystery behind the Venus dark patches.

With the breakthrough of liquid water beneath the surface of Mars, the quest for the discovery of aliens may be right in our own neighborhood!

Venus is the closest planet to Earth, but also a lot closer to our sun. This has led the planet to have a staggering temperature of 864 degrees Fahrenheit, which is hot enough to melt lead. However, the structure of the second closest planet to the sun is similar to that of Earth. Venus has mountain ranges, volcanoes, and valleys.

So, whilst on the face of things Venus seems like a planet uninhabitable, it is not what it seems.


Recent studies suggest there could be life on Venus. Sourced from: MortgageLink.

Between the years 1962 and 1978, probes from both America and Russia were sent to Venus in order to gather greater detail. It was discovered that in some areas of the hot planet are pressure conditions and temperatures which would help life develop.

On top of this extraordinary piece of information, astronomer Carl Sagan and bioscientist Harold Morowitz noted something rather interesting. They gathered data that showed there was a lot of carbon dioxide and sunlight within the clouds of Venus to make the possibility of alien life existing very likely. As we know, carbon dioxide and sunlight are just two key factors in the development of life.

Extraterrestrial Life On Venus

Venus Dark Spots

Could alien life exist within the Dark Spots on Venus? Image credit: TheSpaceReporter.

So, does this make it possible for extraterrestrials to be living within the Dark Spots on Venus?

The Darkened areas on the planet Venus have been something of a mystery to scientists and astronomers alike for many years. Sanjay Limaye of the Wisconsin-Madison University is leading a team to examine the atmosphere of these bizarre patches.

Astonishingly, results of the research published on March 30th in Astrobiology suggests the Dark Spots on Venus are within the same dimensions as single-celled bacteria that can emit light on Earth.

So, what exactly does this aliens news mean?

It suggests life on Venus is possible – but only at a bacterial level. We know that life on Earth is able to survive and withstand some extreme weather conditions. The same is said for the extraterrestrial life on Venus. The clouds are comprised of carbon dioxide and water vapor, which contains sulfuric acid. However, to be really sure if aliens live on this planet we would need to collect samples from the clouds themselves.


Mars or Venus

So, which planet is more likely to be habitable for alien life?

Although NASA seems to be focusing on the upcoming missions to Mars, Venus is not being left in the dark. The Russian Venera-D mission to space may be letting researchers get closer to Venus than ever before. To get samples from the atmospheric clouds on the planet may be a great step forward in discovering the existence of extraterrestrial lives.

Venus and Mars

Left: Venus. Right: Mars. Image sourced from Penn State University.

So, despite extraterrestrials being likely on both Mars and Venus – either in underground water or high in the clouds – do not expect any Hollywood aliens. The likelihood of humanoid-like intelligent beings developing in such unforgiving environments is doubtful. At best, the development of bacteria is ‘all’ the expectation for upcoming alien news.

Oddly enough, there could be aliens living among us. A recent declassified FBI document stated that ‘Space People’ had visited Nikola Tesla’s engineers after his death to inform them that he was an alien from Venus.

More Alien News

Could it be possible that one of the greatest minds in history originated from an extraterrestrial planet? And if so, does that mean there are more aliens on Earth?

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