The Mystery Of The Shadow People


Who exactly are the Shadow People, and why are they here? Are they extraterrestrials from another planet, demons, ghosts, or interdimensional beings?

Over the millennium they have been referred to as aliens, time travelers, cosmic bodies, or ghosts. But who are the Shadow People?

Even those who claimed to have seen them are unsure as to what they are.

In actual fact, details of their origin seem to suggest they come from nowhere!

Have you ever experienced seeing something move out of the corner of your eye? A dark shadow, but when you look there is nothing there. Was it your imagination? Do you doubt your own eyesight? Or could it have been a shadow person?

The Shadow People

Who are the bizarre Shadow People of nightmare tales? Sourced from: Freaked.

But, how can you describe something that you can’t truly see?

Many say these beings are tall in stature and have very fast movement speed. They have even been described as being able to pass through solid objects.

There does not appear to be any particular reason why one may see a shadow person. It may be random whilst you are reading a book, watching television or studying for school. They can pass by you in the blink of an eye and give you a feeling of pure fear.

Certain witnesses to the shadow people stories say they saw an arm or a leg, even a pair of eyes. All this suggests that they are definitely humanoid in appearance.

These possible extraterrestrial beings, however, seem to lack the physical mass that we humans have. It is as though they are between our 3-dimensional world and another.

There is a lot of argument as to what exactly these alien-like beings are, but one thing people do agree on is their bizarre nature. They can usually only be seen out of your natural field of vision. As soon as you look directly at them to focus and gain a better image, they disappear.

Extraterrestrial Beings

Could they actually be a higher form of aliens? Are they extraterrestrial to this planet, or do they share the same space as us but live in a different dimension?

With all this in mind, there have been reports of Shadow People staying in the focus line of peoples vision. Usually when they are in a deep sleep state. The figures maintain an eerie presence for a couple of minutes.

Shadow People

Photographic illustration of the Shadow People. Image credit: TheHorrorMoviesBlog.

The nature of the Shadow People could lead people to think they are actual alien sightings of extraterrestrials. In fact, many sightings of shadow people have been reported in aliens news outlets.

Throughout the course of time, the meaning to the sudden appearances of them has changed. In religious terms, they are seen as demons and demonic souls. Beings from the underworld. However, in a modern way of thinking, they could simply be beings of interdimensional travel. They may not be extraterrestrial at all.

Scientists have actually tried to do extensive research on the matter of Shadow People. They have looked into phycological problems which may portray a feeling that a shadow has the ability to move.

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People who suffer from sleep paralysis are more likely to perceive a darkened world that surrounds them whilst they are in a paralyzed state. Notably, the lack of sleep usually brings about sightings of shadow people. Therefore, it is possible it is all a figment of our imagination.

On the other hand, many argue that science does not yet have the means of knowledge to fully research and examine such beings. Given their apparent interdimensional connection, our physical world can only go so far.


Drawing illustration of a shadow person in sleep paralysis. Credited to: Anomalien.


Shadow People

Some have suggested that shadow people are actually Astral bodies. By this, we mean that they are projections of other humans that are having an out-of-body experience. Imagine if this theory was true. Every time you have had an out-of-body experience, your projected body could have been seen by someone else.

It is also suggested that every night whilst you sleep, we project ourselves out of our own bodies. Who knows where we travel to, but it may explain vivid and almost real dreams.

Other theories suggest these beings are aliens. To run parallel with this, those who make such claims have usually been abducted by aliens. They say the abilities that the Shadow People posses, and the abilities of the aliens that abducted them, are one of the same.

There are a lot of theories for the existence of the Shadow People. Perhaps they are all linked together in some way. Please feel free to leave your own thoughts and opinions in a comment below.

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